Prizegiving Party Location, 29/30 November

We can now announce the location for the end-of-year AGM and presentations, and we’re planning on making a weekend of it.  The more of you turn up, the better Runfurther will get.  The AGM and presentations will start at 3pm on Saturday 29 November, at the Rambler Inn, Edale, S33 7ZA.   We have planned it to follow on from the Dark and White Mini Mountain Marathon, based just a few metres from the Rambler, in Edale Vllage Hall.  The Mini-MM is a 4-hour run round the hills trying to pick up as many points as you can by finding controls, and the race will finish by 2pm.  Full info about the race is here:

After the presentations the committee is staying on, having a meal and a few drinks in the pub in the evening, and going off for another race on the Sunday.  The more of can you join us the better.  There is another Mini-MM in the Peak District starting at 9 to 9:30am, which should make up a great weekend.  This one’s a bit shorter, with a 3-hour time limit, and it’s organised by Richard Patton, the Long Tour of Bradwell RO.  Again the location’s under wraps until a month beforehand.  The info about this one is at  If you’d rather something shorter on the Sunday, there’s also the Famous Grouse fell race near Hayfield – 5 miles, entry on the day, which Nick will be running instead as it’s one of his regular races.  Info on this is here:

There are two campsites very close by, and there’s plenty of other accommodation in the area.  So: (1) get the date in your diary, and (2) book your place in one or both of the mini-MM races.  The Saturday race will probably fill up, so get an entry in now!  I’ve already entered both of them.