Ultra Magazine is well worth reading: a magazine just for Ultra runners, and sometimes we get a mention too!

Pete Bland Sports sells all the running gear you ever need, at keen prices.  There are frequent sales, and once you’re on their mailing list you get notified of them. There’s an online shop, or you can visit the shop in Kendal.

Romneys Kendal Mint Cake now have an online shop.  Mint cake is about the cheapest and most easily digested running fuel there is – it got me round my Bob Graham and a lot of ultras.

SUMSlogoThe Scottish Ultra Marathon Series organises a championship for Scottish ultra races, so we’ll be sticking to just one race in Scotland a year.  If you want to run more Scottish ultras, the SUMS race series is for you.

Trail Runningmagazine covers the whole area of off-road running, including ultras, so check it out.  Claire Maxted, the editor, is a very good ultra runner too.

The Long Distance Walkers Association (LDWA) lists challenge events for walkers of 20 miles and over.  These are generally organised by volunteers, and many of the events support runners as well.

The Go Far website lists many UK ultra challenge routes, mainly in the UK hills and mountains.  If you’re looking for a challenging run out on your own or with friends, there are more routes here than you’ll ever get round to trying.  Thanks to Tony Wimbush for maintaining this site.

Fastrax make customised running clothing: vests, t-shirts, fleeces etc.  They donated the Runfurther committee t-shirts, so if you like the look of them, get your club or event to look at Fastrax when you need to get new gear. makes organising car-sharing for races easy, and it costs you nothing.  ROs: put your race up on here!