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Pendle Way in a Day 2020

The Runfurther races got off to an early start this year, with 42 miles around Pendle. The weather was good to the runners – it could have been very different if the winter had hit! 48 finished the 42-mile route, and the race results are up on the race website. First to finish in 7:22:00 […]

2019 AGM and prizegiving: updated 3 Dec

Karen’s written up something about the AGM and prizegiving, as well as the race beforehand. The minutes of the AGM will have to wait until Dick has finished electioneering – he’s a bit busy. The photos here are Karen’s: you can find Nick’s photos on Flickr here, and his photos of the race beforehand are […]

The 2020 races

I’ve now updated the website for 2020, and here are the 2020 races, as announced at the AGM/prizegiving. The first race (Pendle Way in a Day) is showing as full on Sientries, but Karen says that if you email her, she can send you a code that should get you a place (karen at runfurther.com). […]

Membership list update

We’ve updated the online membership list (not before time), and also removed all runners who haven’t finished a Runfurther race since 2016 – apart from a few who have let us know they want to stay on the list. This is just to keep it easier for us to manage – if anyone wants to […]

2019 Prizegiving and AGM – updated 24 Oct again

The Runfurther Prizegiving and AGM this will take place after the Kong Mini Mountain Marathon on Sunday 24 November, starting at Greenfield below Saddleworth Moor in the northern edges of the Peak District. Entries are open on Sientries so get signed up!

The Prizegiving/AGM will be at Chris Davies’s house, which is just a few […]

Round Rotherham 50 2019 – updated 24 Oct with blog links

The race

And so we come to looking at the final Runfurther 2019 event – the Round Rotherham 50. A gruelling 50 miles round Rotherham in South Yorkshire, with complex routefinding, plenty of mud this year, and not many hills. Yet again it made for a brilliant climax to the Runfurther championship. Only Rory […]

Three Towers Ultra 2019

The Race

This was the penultimate Runfurther race for 2019, and was a hard 43 miles round the Lancashire moors. 65 started the race, 52 finished officially, with 2 more missing a CP on the way. Ken Sutor finished first on 7:27:00, Dave Beales was second in 7:33:39, and David Chetta third in 7:47:09. […]

Beacons 100 update

The question of how to award Runfurther points for the abandoned Beacons 100 race has now been sorted out (we think). Many runners battled on for over 20 hours before the race was abandoned, and we were pretty uncomfortable about not awarding points for the race. We have decided the fairest approach would be to […]

Dig Deep 30 2019

No photos or race reports as yet for this one, but the results are up, and I’ve updated the Runfurther leaderboard.

There were 117 finishers, and the first of them to get to the end was Marcin Zeleski in 4:34:20. Second was Craig Muress in 4:46:12, third was James Body in 4:49:08, and the only […]

Bullock Smithy Hike 2019 – updated 23 Sept

The Hike

The results are up on the hike website. Kevin Hoult’s time has been corrected since those times were posted originally, and I’ve now updated the Runfurther leaderboard to match. Rory Harris finished in a blistering 8:10, making Runfurther points hard to come by for all the other men on the hike. Kevin […]