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The Ox Ultra 2015 – updated

Ox 27 Miles.4

About 600 runners gathered at the weekend on the Rushmore Estate in the Wiltshire countryside for a series of four races. The location is in a huge estate park, with ideal camping fields, and the Saturday afternoon and evening were warm and sunny. If anything a bit too hot for running, but the forecast for […]

Apocalypse 100

This website isn’t my personal blog, but we’re always interested in ultras any member’s been running, and we’re happy to post any race reports. This one’s from me! It was written in a great hurry, so apologies for the typos. Nigel Aston’s written up his race too, and his has got some photos in it. […]

Marlborough Downs 2015


I couldn’t make it to the Marlborough Downs Challenge as I was too busy organising my own Ultra the same weekend. Karen Nash’s race report is below, and Nick’s photos are on Flickr here. Henry Morris has written an account on his blog and that’s here, but beware the gory photo of his megablister! The […]

Early May News

The final Runfurther race of 2015 is now open for entries: the Jedburgh Three Peaks Ultra on 24 October. I’d suggest you get your entry in asap, as they’ve had 79 entries in the first 3 days since opening. It’s great scenery and a very runnable route, and it’ll be a really good day. We’ll […]

The Fellsman 2015 (updated again)


Well the Fellsman weather god struck again on Saturday. After a week with the weather forecast changing radically about twice a day, we really didn’t know how it would turn out. We were pretty sure it was going to turn cold though: the one thing all the forecasts agreed on was that the hot sunny […]

Mid April News

A few bits and pieces for you, in the run-up to Saturday’s Fellsman. Good luck to everyone who’s running; we’ll see you there.

Nigel Aston has sent us a write-up of his unsupported 100-mile run at Easter: the Leicestershire Round. This is a 100-mile waymarked long distance path close to his home. He got round […]

Calderdale Hike 2015 (updated)

Nick CH 2015 01

I’ve now added the Calderdale Hike results to the Runfurther leaderboard (with a couple of corrections made a few days later), and put the team results up too. Nick Ham’s photos can be found here. Karen went off to Scotland to bag Munros straight from the race, but she sent a race report when […]

Early April News

Just a quick post to say we’ll be at the Calderdale Hike tomorrow, with banners up, prizes for the winners and there’ll also be spot prizes for Runfurther members. This time they’ll be for runners who’ve completed both the Haworth Hobble and the Calderdale Hike. We’ll draw them once I get back from running & […]

Haworth Hobble 2015 (updated)

Chris Singleton, 1st man

Another great Haworth Hobble! 383 finished, in good conditions. I had to be there by 6:30 to deliver the free Clif Bars for the start of registration, so it was a 4:20 alarm for me – not something I want to repeat too often. It was a bit cold at the start, but I took […]

Runfurther Strava club

We’ve now got a Runfurther Strava club – many thanks to Ian Symington for setting it up. You can find it at https://www.strava.com/clubs/128521. Once Ian’s told me how to do it I’ll put a widget up here for it as well! Just the thing for logging those runs & comparing your performance against the rest […]