Welcome to  The Runfurther race series is an annual championship based round 12 off-road Ultra running races in the UK.  We don’t organise the races, just the tournament scoring.  You can join in for free (although you’ll have to pay to enter the races of course).  The races will change from year to year, but we plan always to keep a number of old favourites in the series, and to stick to lower-cost races as far as is practical.

We collate the race results into a championship table according to a set of simple rules, and the best runners win!  At the end of the year there will be a get-together for an awards ceremony, drinking, and discussion of next year’s plans.

The races fall into three categories: Short (30-35 miles), Medium (36-45 miles) and Long (46 miles plus).  There will be four races in each category.