Three Towers Ultra

Date:  Sat 25th Sept – Sat 9th Oct

Distance:  43 miles (Medium)

Ascent:  7500ft/2300m

2019 winning time:  7:27:00

The Three Towers Ultra is a tour round the moors of Lancashire.  It starts at Darwen, just south of Blackburn, then ranges over the moors to the west, via three towers:  Jubilee, Rivington and Peel.  There’ll be a lot of runnable moorland tracks, and it looks like there’s a fair bit in common with the route of the Anglezarke Amble, so if you’ve run that you’ll know what to expect.  A hard day out, and watch out for the October weather.

As you may know from Karen’s announcement on Facebook, Howler Events are no more. To try and get as many races in as possible this year the 3TU can be run as a challenge.

The race should have been Sat 2 Oct so you may run any date from Sat 25 Sept- Sat 9 Oct. Hopefully this will allow more people to collect their 4 events.
You may use either the race GPX route from 2019 or the new ‘improved’ one (or a mix of the two).
It cuts out the books, cuts out an overgrown alley, stays off the road a bit more near Anglezarke, allows a moorland route to Darwen Tower, visits Cheetham Close trig and corrects two OS errors and uses the ‘real’ paths instead at Hempshaw ruins and Birches Farm.
You must send evidence to Karen eg Strava trace and time and points will be calculated from the last race winners to seta good base standard.
Email or message Karen if you have questions.

You can download the GPX file here:
3 Towers Modified GPX