Runfurther Ltd. is a company limited by guarantee owned and controlled by its members. In our case that means a company owned and controlled by ultra runners for the benefit of ultra runners. Any runner who confirms in writing, by filling in an application form or by email that they wish to be a member and who takes part in at least two of the designated races in a year is entitled to vote, elect the officers and the committee and control the affairs of the company. The only liability on them as members is that if the company is unable to meet its debts they have offered a guarantee to meet those debts up to a maximum amount of £1 (one pound).

What we are about is spelled out in the Articles of Association of the Company:

To encourage and support ultra distance fell running and off-road races having due regard to the environmental and other impacts of the sport;

  • To provide services to ultra runners and race organisers;
  • To establish and promote annual competitions for ultra runners based on participation in designated events; and
  • To promote the participation in such events by runners of all abilities.

The Articles of Association form a legally binding document that spells out what we can and cannot do and how we must do it. The affairs of the company must at all times be conducted in accordance with the Articles of Association. Setting out the above objects for example means that everything we do must relate to them. We can do nothing else unless the Articles themselves are changed which would require the consent of the members.

A large part of the Articles sets out standard conditions about how any company limited by guarantee must be run, other parts relate to our company in particular (like the objects).

The Articles are available for inspection by members on the website, www.runfurther.com or, on request, a written copy can be supplied.