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Lakeland Five Passes 2019

The results are up on the race website, and I’ve added them in to the Runfurther leaderboard. Rob Brown won in 5:23:10, with Josh Wade second, just under 5 minutes after Rob. Third place went to Matthew Curry, nearly 20 minutes behind Josh. First woman was Hayley Evans, 13th equal overall, in 6:24:45. Sabrina Verjee […]

Spire Ultra 2019

The Spire Ultra was on Saturday – 30 miles in a loop round Chesterfield, in South Yorkshire. This one is organised by Jamie and Clare Glazebrook, both Runfurther members. There was a select field, with 64 finishers in what is probably the easiest of the Runfurther 2019 races. Conditions were good, with the weather […]

The Fellsman 2019 – updated 5 May

I cowered at home in Cheshire all day as the rain lashed sideways from dawn till dusk. When I had to take the dog out for a walk it was horrible. I spared the odd thought for the poor souls out trying to run the Fellsman, and wondered whether the race would happen at all. […]

Calderdale Hike 2019 – updated 25 April (twice!)

The results are now out, and you can find them on the Hike website. Rory Harris was first home in 5:09, Kevin Hoult second in 5:22 and David Chetta and Martin Wilson both came in nearly an hour later in 6:19. Sabrina Verjee was 6th overall in 6:24, our own Karen Nash was 13th […]

Lakes 42 2019 – updated 25 April

Loadpot Hill

It looks like this was a glorious day for a race. Karen Nash has written a race report, and you can read that below, or on her blog. The photos in Karen’s report are hers, apart from the ones takes by Toney Donnelly. First home was Josh Wade in 7:05:08, second was […]

Haworth Hobble 2019 – updated 14 March

The first Runfurther race of 2019 was run on Saturday – the brilliant Haworth Hobble, run this year in some horrible conditions. There were 340 finishers, and Rory Harris came in first in 4:22:59. Nick Treitl and Ian Livesey running together finished just 62 seconds behind Rory. The next three finishers were all past […]

Round Rotherham 2019 – revised date

Just a quick note to let you know that the Round Rotherham 50 has been set for Saturday 12th October – not the 19th as we announced initially (that was a provisional date).

2019 Sponsors, & Tent Meals reductions

Thanks to our sponsors!

Just a quick news item to thank our sponsors for 2019: Mountain Fuel, Injinji, Romney’s, Ultimate Direction and Tent Meals. Please buy their products! And to help you with that, Runfurther members get 20% off on online orders from Tent Meals, if you quote LotsOfRunning20.


2018 Prizegiving/AGM

Here’s Karen’s brief report on the Prizegiving & AGM. You can find the AGM minutes here. Karen took photos, and of course Nick did too. I’ve included all the photos Karen sent me here: Nick’s are up on his Flickr site as usual – check them out too!

Karen Nash & Ken Sutor: overall […]

Website updated for 2019

I’ve updated the website for 2019 – let me know (Andy) if you spot any problems. If & when I get any information or photos about the 2018 prizegiving/AGM I’ll post those as well. Some of the 2019 races are already open for entries, and at least one is filling up quickly. So, the sooner […]