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Beacons 100 update

The question of how to award Runfurther points for the abandoned Beacons 100 race has now been sorted out (we think). Many runners battled on for over 20 hours before the race was abandoned, and we were pretty uncomfortable about not awarding points for the race. We have decided the fairest approach would be to […]

Dig Deep 30 2019

No photos or race reports as yet for this one, but the results are up, and I’ve updated the Runfurther leaderboard.

There were 117 finishers, and the first of them to get to the end was Marcin Zeleski in 4:34:20. Second was Craig Muress in 4:46:12, third was James Body in 4:49:08, and the only […]

Bullock Smithy Hike 2019 – updated 23 Sept

The Hike

The results are up on the hike website. Kevin Hoult’s time has been corrected since those times were posted originally, and I’ve now updated the Runfurther leaderboard to match. Rory Harris finished in a blistering 8:10, making Runfurther points hard to come by for all the other men on the hike. Kevin […]

Beacons 50/100 2019

The weather made mincemeat of the Beacons 100 at the weekend, with torrential rain and gales overnight on Friday, leading to the race being abandoned. Karen’s race report (below and also on her blog) gives a pretty good account of how horrendous it was. There are a few photos in her account, but they are […]

Adidas sponsorship

We are delighted to announce that Runfurther now has an additional sponsor. Adidas UK have generously offered to provide us with 30% discount vouchers for race prizes, plus running shoes to award to the some of the Runfurther Championship winners. Many thanks to Adidas – please buy their products! (and those of our other […]

Pennine 39 2019 – updated 25 June

Greg’s Hut, Cross Fell

The Pennine 39 results aren’t up on the Nav4 site yet, as I write this, but Joe’s sent them to us, so here they are:

1 39 Ken Sutor Male 46 MV40 05:31 2 12 Stuart Fludger Male 46 MV40 06:32 3 27 Karen Nash Female 58 FV50 07:00 4 […]

Lakeland Five Passes 2019

The results are up on the race website, and I’ve added them in to the Runfurther leaderboard. Rob Brown won in 5:23:10, with Josh Wade second, just under 5 minutes after Rob. Third place went to Matthew Curry, nearly 20 minutes behind Josh. First woman was Hayley Evans, 13th equal overall, in 6:24:45. Sabrina Verjee […]

Spire Ultra 2019

The Spire Ultra was on Saturday – 30 miles in a loop round Chesterfield, in South Yorkshire. This one is organised by Jamie and Clare Glazebrook, both Runfurther members. There was a select field, with 64 finishers in what is probably the easiest of the Runfurther 2019 races. Conditions were good, with the weather […]

The Fellsman 2019 – updated 5 May

I cowered at home in Cheshire all day as the rain lashed sideways from dawn till dusk. When I had to take the dog out for a walk it was horrible. I spared the odd thought for the poor souls out trying to run the Fellsman, and wondered whether the race would happen at all. […]

Calderdale Hike 2019 – updated 25 April (twice!)

The results are now out, and you can find them on the Hike website. Rory Harris was first home in 5:09, Kevin Hoult second in 5:22 and David Chetta and Martin Wilson both came in nearly an hour later in 6:19. Sabrina Verjee was 6th overall in 6:24, our own Karen Nash was 13th […]