The 2022 Races

For details of the competition rules for the Runfurther series, see here.

The 2022 Runfurther Ultra Championship races are listed below. If you click on the race name that will take you to our page about the race, which then has a link to the official race website. Most of the races are already open for entries, so don’t wait until it’s too late! If you want to read the Runfurther race reports for previous years, click on the ‘Category’ for the race you’re interested in – they’re on the right side of most webpages. All our race reports should still be there, although I can’t guarantee all the links to other websites still work.

So far only one race has been cancelled – The Holcombe Howler. We’re now including the Lancashireman in it’s place.

Date Event Location Miles Cat
Sat 5th Feb Pendle Way in a Day Pennines 42 M
Sat 12th March Haworth Hobble South Pennines 32 S
Sat 9th April Calderdale Hike South Pennines 36 M
Sat 30th April The Fellsman Yorkshire Dales 61 L
Sat 14th May Spire Ultra Derbyshire 34 S
Sat 25th June Lakeland 5 Passes Lake District 32 S
Sat 9th July Hallow 12 Parishes Worcestershire 40 M
Sat 16th July Pennine 39 North Pennines 37 M
Sat 3rd September Bullock Smithy Hike Peak District 56 L
Sat 27th September The Lancashireman South Pennines 27 S
Sat 1st October Round Rotherham 50 South Yorkshire 50 L
Sat 22nd October Yorkshire Trod 100 Yorkshire Dales 62 L