The 2015 Races

The 2015 Runfurther Ultra Championship races are listed below.  If you click on the race name that will take you to our page about the race, which then has a link to the official race website.  Some of the races are already open for entries, so don’t wait until it’s too late!

Date Event Location Miles Cat
Sat 14 March Haworth Hobble W Yorkshire Pennines 32 S
Sat 11 April Calderdale Hike W Yorkshire Pennines 37 M
Sat 25 April The Fellsman Yorkshire Dales 62 L
Sun 10 May Marlborough Downs Challenge N Wiltshire 33 S
Sun 24 May The Ox S Wiltshire 35 M
Sat 13 June Three Rings of Shap Cumbria 62 L
Sat 27 June Clif Bar 10 Peaks Lakes Lake District 45 M
Sat 8 August Long Tour of Bradwell Peak District 33 S
Sat 5 September Bullock Smithy Hike Peak District 56 L
Sat 19 September Hardmoors 60 N Yorks Coast 62 L
Sat 3 October Isle of Man Mountain Ultra Isle of Man 31 S
Sat 24 October Jedburgh Three Peaks Ultra Scottish Borders 38 M