The 2015 Champs start on Saturday

Well I’ve already started packing for Haworth – let’s see, Full waterproofs, compass, 432 Clif Bars,…

The forecast looks reasonably good at the moment – perhaps a bit of rain early on, but no more, & not much wind.  Don’t overdo the whisky at Lumbutts, and make sure you save something in your legs for the climb up to Heptonstall.  And make sure you know the way from the churchyard to the finish if it’s your first Hobble.

We’ll be bringing along prizes for Brett to present to the race category winners, and also 1 or 2 spot prizes, to be presented to Runfurther members at random.  The plan is to do this at the race prizegiving, so be there if you can.  If your name gets called & you’re still out on the course we’ll save it for you, but if you’ve finished & wandered off we’ll give it to someone else!  We hope to be able to give spot prizes at all the races this year.

Don’t forget those Calderdale Hike recces!  See you on Saturday – I’ll be the one with the broken wrist.