South Wales 50 & 100

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Distance:  104 or 50 miles (both Long)

Ascent:  20000ft/6400m (100) or 10000ft/3200m (50)

2018 winning time: 23:28:20 for the 100, 9:14:34 for the 50


This race is a huge undertaking across the South Wales mountains.  You can choose to run either distance: your Runfurther points will be based on the time of the fastest runner in the race you’re running in.  The route for the 100 is a loop from Cardiff north across the valleys and into the Brecon Beacons then back, with the 50 being the same as the second half of the 100.  In 2016 only 25% of starters finished the SW100, and only 65% finished the 50.