South Wales 50 & 100 2017

The Race


The results are up here, and I’ve updated the Runfurther leaderboard, and that’s here.  Karen has written up her 100, and you can find that here.  I’ve pinched pictures from that.  Nick’s photos of his 50 are here.  I’ve pinched some of Nick’s pictures too.


Jack Galloway of Poole AC won the 100, in 24:24:05, with Jacob Hayes of Bitton Road Runners half an hour behind Jack.  First Runfurther runner was David Chetta (Mercia FR), 3 hours off the pace.  First woman home was Karen Nash, finishing 5th with Giles Humphreys-Evans in 32:26:10.  2nd woman was Tracy Edwards in 37:49:06, and 3rd was Fiona Davies in 39:47:41, 23rd of the 24 finishers.  Congratulations to everyone who finished: it was always going to be a really hard race.
Jack Galloway at the last checkpoint

Jack Galloway at the last checkpoint

The 50 was won by Matt O’Keefe in 10:50:12, with 3 runners finishing together 24 minute later: Francois Gilbert, Dean Oldfield & Stephen Marts.  5th was first woman Emma Williams in 12:27:08, finishing with Martin Terry.  2nd woman Callissa Caffull finished an hour later in 7th, and 8th equal were Debbie Cooper and Daryl Bentley, quarter of an hour after Callissa.  There were 51 finishers.

Runfurther Standings

The Runfurther points have been calculated based on the fastest man and woman in the each race, i.e. if you ran the 50, your points are based on the fastest time for your sex in the 50.

It looks like Karen Nash is well on the way to winning the women’s championship again.  Debbie Cooper is currently second, and could stay there, but there are plenty of faster women running ultras, so she may be caught.  David Chetta is currently first man, but once Kevin Hoult has run a fourth race he will take over the lead and has every chance of staying there.  Unless someone else even faster appears out of the woodwork to challenge him of course – there are plenty of races left.  Martin Terry is best bet for MV50 again and of course Chris Davies is a shoe-in for MV60.

Bob Nash and Nick Ham are both still on-course for Grand Slams – Nick’s managed to get a place for Jedburgh OK now, given the circumstances!  Thanks Noanie!