About Us

The Runfurther organisation has been running an annual competition based on existing ultra races since 2006.  Since 2014 Runfurther Ltd has been a Company Limited By Guarantee, owned and controlled by the active runners in the Championship.  We have the support of Mark Hartell, one of the original founders of Runfurther, and active help from Simon Berry and Karen McDonald, also founders of Runfurther.  Runfurther operates on a voluntary basis, to benefit the running community.  We’re doing it because we want a good Ultra series to compete in that doesn’t cost too much.  Our sponsorship partner companies pay for such things as trophies, spot prizes and other unavoidable costs such as paying for this website.  You can see their logos on the lefthand side of each webpage.  If you buy their products you are also helping Runfurther, as it will encourage their continued support.  You will see us at the races, handing out series registration forms, putting up flags and boards with the series results on, and of course running.  The current committee is:

  • Chairman:  Karen Nash, karen at runfurther.com
  • General Secretary:  Jenny Wyles, jenny at runfurther.com
  • Treasurer:  Nick Ham, nick at runfurther.com
  • Assistant Secretary:  Charles Colbourn, charles at runfurther.com
  • Executive member:  Kevin Smith, kevin at runfurther.com

You can contact any of us by email.  The current list of members is available on our membership page here.

If you want to help out then please get in touch – we could be doing more if we had more people involved.  No contribution too small!