Runfurther 2019 races

The 2019 Runfurther race were announced at the prizegiving/AGM.  And here they are, on the website as well:

  1. Sat 9 March: Haworth Hobble.  32 miles (Short), South Pennines
  2. Sat 30 March:  Lakes Mountain 42.  42 miles (Medium), Lake District
  3. Sat 13 April:  Calderdale Hike.  37 miles (Medium), South Pennines
  4. Sat 27 April: The Fellsman.  61 miles (Long), Yorkshire Dales
  5. Sat 11 May:  Spire Ultra.  34 miles (Short), Derbyshire
  6. Sat 15 June:  Lakeland Five Passes.  32 miles (Short), Lake District
  7. Sat 22 June:  Pennine 39.  39 miles (Medium), North Pennines
  8. Fri/Sat 9/10 August:  Beacons Ultra 50/100.  52 or 100 miles (Long), South Wales
  9. Sat 7 September:  Bullock Smithy Hike.  56 miles (Long), Peak District
  10. Sat 21 September:  Peak Trails 30.  30 miles (Short), Peak District
  11. Sat 5 October:  Three Towers Ultra.  43 miles (Medium), Lancashire
  12. Sat 12 October:  Round Rotherham.  50 miles (Long), South Yorkshire – note revised date!

I think that should give everyone enough of a challenge for 2019!  The Fellsman and the Brecon Beacons ultras are very challenging events, so make sure you’re ready for that.  The Spire Ultra, Lakeland Five Passes, the Beacons 50/100, the Peak Trails 30 and the Three Towers Ultra are, I think, all new events for Runfurther.  The Bullock Smithy Hike is making a return after a long absence.  The rest are old favourites.

Some of these events will sell out quickly, so keep an eye out for that.  I’ll update the Runfurther website properly for 2019 within the next few weeks.