Our 2015 Races

Hello to you all, & sorry I’ve not posted anything here for a bit.  We’ve been a bit busy sorting out the races for 2015.  And, the good news is that we’ve now finalised those races.  They’ll be announced in the next edition of Trail Running magazine, which will appear in the shops on Thursday 6 November, and of course they will also appear here the same day.  We think we’ve lined up a great set of runs for you.

So, you’ll have to wait for the press launch for the race list, but I can tell you now that we’ve retained only 4 races from the 2014 Championship, brought back 5 old favourites that have been in the series in past years, and there are 3 new races that have never been in before.  Most of the races we’ve dropped for 2015 we plan to include again in the future, as they’re all great races.  We just want to make sure every year is different, and get a bigger range of races into the Runfurther world.  Have a look at the race list when we release it, & let us know what you think.  We know we can’t please everybody all the time, but we’re trying to get close!  And of course, if we’ve dropped your favourite race for 2015, the race is still on, & you can still run it.

The last race of 2014 is on Saturday: the Round Rotherham 50, so we’ll see a lot of you there.  Wish me luck: I’ve got to get round in a reasonable time to have a chance of that Runfurther MV60 title.  I’ll get the final standings up on here as soon as I can after they release the race results.  There’s a committee meeting in Rotherham on Friday evening if anyone wants to attend: details on the Meetings page.

And lastly, don’t forget the AGM & prizegiving & of course cake.  Saturday 29 November in the Dark Peak, with an optional race beforehand.  All the details are here, apart from the exact location, which will be released once the race location is announced (it’s a Mini Mountain Marathon, location secret until the end of this month).  Please come: now that Runfurther is owned by the runners, we have to have plenty of you turning up at the AGM to keep it working democratically.  And there’ll be cake.  And a bar.  And prizes.  And cake.