Mid April 2014 News

I’ve now updated the Runfurther leaderboard with the Calderdale Hike results.  I’ve gone back to something a bit more like the leaderboard used to look in 2012, with men & women ranked together in the list, rather than the women at the bottom below the men.  Women’s scores are still based on the fastest woman in the race though.  I’ve now corrected it to include Steve Spence’s & Wally Coppelov’s Calderdale results.

At the moment it’s the women’s championship that seems to be hotting up first for a good competitive year.  Karen Nash, Helen Price and Emma David have all completed all three races, and there’s nothing between them on points.  Carol Morgan and Nicky Spinks have run two races each, and both have the speed to overtake the top three.  My money’s currently on Nicky!  Karen Nash’s race report on Calderdale can be found on her blog here.

Nigel Aston’s still heading up the men’s ranking, with Kevin Smith and Mick Cottam in 2nd and 3rd.  No really fast man has yet run three races though, and I’m keeping my eye on Ian Symington and Kim Collison as good bets for this year’s champion.  Kim’s not yet signed up for the series, but Ian has, so we can expect to see him at more races.  Kevin Hoult is currently recovering from injury, but since he won the 26 mile race at Calderdale, I think we’ll be seeing him back in the fray shortly too.

The first team rankings are up too, with Trawden AC just ahead of Harrogate Harriers at the moment.  It’s early days for the team competition though, and I’d expect a fair bit of change here.

Good luck to everyone going down to race the Evesham Ultra next Sunday.  I hope it’s a good one.  I’ve had to pull out due to injury, but the rest of the Runfurther committee will be there.