Late May 2014 News

It’s a bit more that a week since our last post, but we’ve been very busy writing copy for an article for the next issue of Fellrunner, which should be arriving on every FRA member’s doormat at the beginning of August.  It may sound a long time away, but we had to get the copy to them today.

The next Championship race is a week on Sunday – the Northants Ultra, aka the Shires and Spires.  Most of the committee will be there, so if you’re going too, we’ll see you at Lamport Hall.  For me it’ll be my first run since my shin stress fracture in January, so I won’t be a pretty sight afterwards, assuming I get to the finish at all!

We’ve found the results from the past years of the Championship in the archives, and they’re now up on the website here.  We haven’t got the 2006 results though, so if you’ve got a copy let us know.

We’ve also made a start at putting a comprehensive calendar of off-road ultras together.  So far it just covers June 2014, but I’ll keep working on it when I get the time.  Let me know if you can suggest any improvements to it.