Late July 2015 news

Summer is well underway and it won’t stop raining.  With luck it will have brightened up a bit by 8 August for the Long Tour of Bradwell.  We’ve now got our stock of Runfurther Giraffe neckwear, so everyone who’s run 4 counters will get one at their next race – we’ll be bringing a supply to Bradwell.  We’ll probably give them out as part of the race prizegiving, whenever that takes place.  Then there’ll be a committee meeting at 5:30 in the Old Bowling Green pub nearby, so if you finish after 5:30 and want your buff, either come and find us in the pub or wait for us to return later.

Committee member Dick Scroop is recovering well from his broken pelvis (sustained at the Lakes 10 Peaks) and is now taking short walks.  He’s hoping to be running at Jedburgh at the end of October (slowly).  Nick Ham’s just had a good run in the Lakes 100, and Karen & I are both having a go at the Joss Naylor Lakeland Challenge on Sunday (2 August).  If that goes well I’ll not be running fast at Bradwell!