Late Jan News

The new Runfurther Ltd company is now set up.  Next is to open a bank account, & then we’ll be out looking for sponsors for the 2014 series.

The meeting after the Hebden went very well, and we’ve now got our initial list of Runfurther members.  If you’ve not yet joined, please do asap – all the info’s elsewhere on this website.  We had the presentations from the 2013 series too: here are Duncan Harris & Karen Nash being presented with their trophies by Nick:

03_M1 Duncan Harris 06_F1 Karen Nash

There are more photos here.

I’ve damaged my ankle & can hardly walk, Karen’s damaged her achilles.  Some of us are never going to learn, let’s face it.

There will be a committee meeting in the Old Sun in Haworth after the Hobble at 4:30: anyone is welcome, particularly 2013 prizewinners who couldn’t make the meeting after the Hebden.  We’ll bring along the prizes & certificates.

And lastly, the High Peak 40 is now open for entries.