Lakeland 5 Passes – leaderboard update & Karen’s write up

Hot on the heels of the P39 we have the results of the L5P and the updated leaderboard.

You can find Karen’s writeup below the line.



Lakeland 5 Passes

 Three in a row- weekends races that is. Actually it had been pretty much every weekend since the Fellsman at the end of April. This is not counting other runs, sprint orienteering, cycle rides, climbing and paddle boarding! We drove up after an evening meal and put the flags up in drizzle, winds and under stormy skies.

I slept well in the van which is unusual for me the night before a race. I woke fine but felt so so tired. Not a great way to start a race really. I dithered a bit about clothing- would I be warm enough in short shorts?

It was nice to meet friends and to chat to Anna who I have not seen for the best part of a year at Lakeland 100.  As we gathered for the briefing my watch malfunctioned as it tried to load the route. Oh well, at least I know the way. I turned it completely off and managed to get it set to just record the run, although even then it missed about the first kilometre.

I knew the first mile or so would be fast and refused to be sucked in. If I was struggling now there was no pint trying to keep up and finding I was trashed before even the first top. It felt hard work climbing up onto Loughrigg but at least the weather was improving- at least the rain had gone but it was replaced by 90% humidity.

Claire, Phil, Adam and others were long gone. It wasn’t long before the other Claire caught me up and we ran together for a while.

The descent to Ambleside was speedy despite the added hazard of crossing the Park Run course this year. I didn’t need anything from the CP at this early stage and pushed on. Claire soon caught me up again and we ran together through the woods and to the lower slopes of Wansfell. Charles was also with us. They they both climbed faster than me and it was a while before I was close enough to chat to them again. I plodded on upwards doing the best I could. The run across the top and down Nanny Lane was not too bad and I felt a little better. Having crossed the valley floor it is then straight up Garburn Pass but at east this side is slightly more gentle and less eroded. I could still see Charles and Claire up ahead along with some others that I vaguely knew. I tried to keep the gap from getting any bigger and managed OK until the top. The descent was another matter. I am such a wuss on rocky descents now and do not enjoy the drop to Kentmere.

Everything passes and I was soon running into the village with thoughts of food at the CP. I topped up my water bottle and filled the other one that was already primed with MF powder.  I also grabbed some food as up until now I had only had a couple of mouthfuls. I was with others as we headed up and over to Longsleddale and I was starting to feel a bit less rubbish. Passing some of them no doubt helped! The climb up Gatesgarth goes on a bit but I was prepared for this and didn’t trip over this year. The stream was surprisingly full and the waterfalls a pleasant distraction. All the way up I could see Claire (and sometimes Charles) and I worked hard gradually reeling her in. It was much cooler up here, In fact the wind was fierce and blowing us about and we were only just warm enough in shorts and T shirts given the damp air. By Harter Fell we were together and before the drop to Nan Bield I was ahead. A younger runner came blasting past, clearly annoyed with herself. Apparently she had gone wrong and lost 15 minutes somewhere. Up ahead of me was orange shirt man and as we entered the misty path cutting across grassier terrain I stuck with him all the way to Thornthwaite Beacon. I was  slightly slower down to Threshthwaite Mouth but not by much.

We climbed Stoney Cove Pike together and were still pretty close as we dropped to Kirkstone Pass.

Here I restocked with water again and grabbed some more food. I also got a pleasant surprise as I met Charles who was still re-tying his laces. We climbed up Red Screes not knowing that Claire was not so far behind and that seeing us had given her a boost too. If you plod on you get there and we did.  The tops were nice and grassy but Charles still pulled ahead a bit. I concentrated on keeping him within reach as we started to head down Scandale. I was catching him and that helped me. We ran together on the wider flatter track and I even got slightly ahead when he stopped for a quick wee by a wall. I pushed on towards the outskirts of the Rydal Hall estate. It suddenly seemed really important to stay ahead and to try to beat last years time. At this pace, fast for me, there was  no hope of eating so I was so pleased to have a couple of MF jellies with me, and to still have water. I just kept pushing on with the odd glance behind me. Nobody in sight. Run a bit more, more tourists now, check behind. Still clear.  The Old Coffin road was shorter than I expected and before long I reached the tarmac and knew that the turn and drop to the village outskirts was close. I even had time to clock that the ice cream shop would close before I could finish and get back. No time to waste… straight over the main road, into the show ground and around the main track. I, unlike many, followed the arrows all the way to the final fence with no corner cutting.

Finally I had finished.  Bob was waiting and took some photos. I even remembered to stop my watch within a couple of minutes of crossing the line.

7hrs 32, better than last year although not a PB. 4th F and 1st FV. Bob fetched me several cups of tea and I went to claim my meal- good choices. Gradually I felt better as we cheered in more finishers. Charles was only a few minutes behind me and Claire not long behind that.  Some finishing were in a worse state than me.  We sat chatting until I realised I was soaked in sweat, enough to leave very wet patches where I sat, and starting to chill. Changed and back in the hall we sat chatting with Claire, Phil, Ken, Charles and Claire. We even had ice cream – thanks Claire.

Bob had done a walk over Helm Crag but we were both starting to droop. we agreed that at 6pm we would take the flags down and leave. They were now all dry which was a bonus. The van behaved and we left with no drama.