Lakeland 5 Passes and leaderboard update

Andy has very efficiently updated the leaderboard already, you can find the latest individual and team standings on the 2022 results page here.

The Lakeland 5 Passes went well in spite of a horrible MWIS forecast. Aside from a 30 minute hail-blasting it was mostly cool and grey. Karen’s report follows below, I’ll add mine to the page once I’ve finished it.

Next up is the Hallows 12 Parishes.

It should have come as now surprise that I was tired when we arrived at Lakeland 5 Passes- the running, biking and quite a few hours of rock climbing had all added up and taken their toll. The forecast was pretty dire and as we lay in the van on Friday night I could hear the wind and the rain. I was worried enough to start off in over trousers and cag. I hate being cold and wet. The pace was crazy as we left Grasmere and headed towards Red Bank and the start of Loughrigg Fell. I tried to ignore others and prayed that they were just going too fast- not that I could do much about it. Dropping to Ambleside I felt a bit better (although too warm in all my gear) and had caught two other women. I was slower than previous races climbing Wansfell but by now the views were wonderful and I decided just to enjoy it.

Red Screes from Wansfell- on a previous run

The descent of Nanny Lane was easier than I remembered and I was soon climbing Garburn pass- again not quite as quickly as last time. The bridleway to Kentmere had been improved slightly but I was still cautious over the lumpy track. I grabbed quiche and banana at the CP and pushed on towards Longsleddale.

Back to Kentmere and Garburn from Green Quarter- not today


I tried to run a bit over the hills from Green Quarter but just didn’t have enough energy. The climb up Gatesgarth was better as a mix of jogging and power walking.

Gatesgarth- not today

Heading to Harter Fell the views were stunning but the sky was also starting to look black. True enough from Nam Bield Pass the forecast came true with strong squally and furious hail that hurt.

Great views from Harter Fell area


After Thornthwaite Beacon the hail stopped and as I descended the wind was less. I quite enjoyed the scramble up Stony Cove Pike and then the run to Kirkstone. I should have stopped to take my layers off here but instead grabbed food, topped up my water and set off up Red Screes.

Red Screes on a previous hot and sunny day

Spotting Charles behind me gave me the extra incentive to try hard but by the top he had caught me. We ran together to Scandale with Charles pulling slightly ahead until the track became less technical.

Scandale Brdige- hot enough to fancy a dip but not today

We were still together at Rydal Hall but I stopped to remove my cag and then had to chase him along the old coffin road (still wearing my over trousers which I decided would take too long to remove). At the end of this track we were back together and I managed to pull ahead slightly as we passed Dove Cottage. I got a lucky break crossing the main road and just had the show ground to run around. I turned to see if Charles would catch me and spotted another woman- where had she come from! A determined effort allowed me to finish ahead of both of them- just. It was a PW by about 25 minutes but 3rd F and 1st old F wasn’t too bad.



Many cups of tea, a plate of sweet and sour plus a few bits of cake put back what the day had taken out. It was even sunny enough to sit outside and chat as other friends finished.  We managed to get the flags and banners down before the next gales and rain came through at nightfall.


Wearing same gear a year ago- shoes now binned!