Kintyre Way Ultra


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Date:  Saturday 10 May

Distance:  67 miles (Long) or 35.5 miles (Medium)

Ascent:  6900ft/2100m (Long) or 4300ft/1300m (Medium)

2013 winning time:  10:38 (Long), 5:36 (Medium)


This is a new event for Runfurther, on the beautiful Kintyre peninsula on the west coast of Scotland, following most of the waymarked Kintyre Way.  There are two options when entering: you have a choice of either the full 67 mile ultra (a Runfurther Long) or the shorter 35.5 option (a Runfurther Medium).  Both are Runfurther counters.  Note that for the 67 mile route you are expected to be capable of completing the course within 15 hours, and there are cutoffs at the later checkpoints based on this.  Most people who enter the long route don’t complete it, so be warned!  They are looking at options easing the cutoffs though, and you can switch between the two options at any time up to the night before the race.  Either one completed will  qualify you for the Runfurther Grand Slam…provided you complete 11 others as well.

Once you’ve entered, if you want to share cars email us and we’ll try to match people up.  It probably makes most sense to travel up during the day on the Friday if you can get the time off, then back during the day on the Sunday.  It’s a long way for most of us, but it should be a great run and well worth the journey.  Accommodation is in short supply, so you should sort that out well in advance too.  Email me (Andy) if you are interested in sharing the Runfurther wigwam!