July 2020 news

Not much news to report, other than the Bullock Smithy has now been cancelled too.  Runfurther will probably not reconvene in any meaningful sense until 2021.  I hope you’re still all managing to get out though.  A message from Karen:

Sadly we have had to accept that the Runfurther Ultra Champs series 2020 is void. We have only had 2 races and now (after Bullock Smithy cancelled) only have the hope of 2 more (and no certainty there). If they are on I will hope to go to the rescheduled Spire and Round Rotherham and will take with me lots of edible spot prizes! Thanks to our sponsors and also to you the runners. I guess nobody will be very surprised. Decision due to be made re Round Rotherham at the end of this month.