End of year approaching

The last two races and the AGM/prizegiving are fast approaching.  Jedburgh (28 October) has been full for a while, but you can still enter the White Rose 30 (4 November).  In fact you can enter the White Rose 60 or the White Rose 100 if you want: your time for the first 30 miles will count for Runfurther.

I will be away doing guidebook work, so I won’t be able to work out the Runfurther points for Jedburgh until the morning of the White Rose 30 – my apologies.  I’ll update the website then head off to the race & get the results of the White Rose 30 processed in time for the prizegiving.

Please come to the AGM & prizegiving.  The AGM is generally kept very short, and we need an audience for giving the prizes (as well as people to give the prizes to).  It is on Saturday 4 November starting at 4:30 pm, at The New Inn, Manchester Rd, Marsden,  HD7 6EZ, which I am given to understand sells beer.  Sandwiches and chips have been booked too – you don’t have to pay for them.  This is the same day as the White Rose Ultra.  Anyone planning to run the Shepherd’s Skyline fell race the same day instead ought to be able to make it to Marsden in time as well.