Early May 2014 News


A few news items to report this week:

The Runfurther committee should be a lot easier to spot at races from now on, as we now have new technical t-shirts that identify us.  These have been kindly donated to us by Fastrax.  They make a range of customised running clothes, so if your club or event needs shirts, vests, fleeces etc, take a look at what Fastrax can provide.  We’ve added a link to their site in our Links page too.  You now have no excuse for not coming up to us & saying hello, so please do.

The Long Tour of Bradwell is now open for entries, so you can now enter any or all of the remaining 2014 Runfurther series races.  This is a great race in the Peak District, on Saturday 9 August.

It’s the Kintyre Way Ultra races on Saturday, so we’re planning our weekend in Scotland.  I’m looking forward very much to this one, even though I’m going to be walking again while my leg continues to knit.  I’m doing the 35.5 mile option: I should be able to make the cutoffs at a fast walk I think.  The committee will be wearing their new t-shirts of course!  If you’re going, we’ll see you there!