Early March 2016 news


Horrible weather in Cheshire today – let’s hope it clears up soon, as it’s only 10 days until the Haworth Hobble.  Still, most of us don’t mind a bit of rain do we?  Or wind?  Or sleet?

I drove up to Kendal yesterday, & had a good run out with the dog along Cunswick Scar and Scout Scar.  Then I headed for Pete Bland Sports to talk to Jon Broxap.  I’ve now got the PBS banners, and the prize vouchers for the races.  If you win a voucher you’ll have to select what you want from their website then phone them up to place an order, as their online ordering system can’t handle vouchers yet.  I gave Jon a pile of Runfurther postcards as well, and they’ll be sending them out in their delivery parcels.  Thanks Jon & Matt!

I also visited John Barron at the Romney’s Kendal Mint Cake factory, and he kindly donated enough mint cake for every runner at the Hobble to have some, and the plan is for me to go back up to collect more for future races.  Their stock is low at the moment as the factory was flooded out when the floods hit Kendal.  As many of you will already know all my running over the past few years has been on just Kendal Mint Cake and water – easy on the stomach, and on the wallet too.  A lot cheaper than gels!  I think there was an article in Trail Running a while back that said KMC was just as good as anything else as race fuel, and if I can get hold of a copy of that article I’ll fill in some details.  If you see anyone wearing a Romney’s t-shirt that’ll be me!