Early June 2015 news

A few items of news to report, as I get ready to head up to Shap for Saturday’s Three Rings of Shap:

1.  We’ve placed an order for snazzy Giraffe Headwear (we’re not allowed to call them buffs as that’s a registered name).  Every runner who runs 4 counters this year will get one of these exclusive Runfurther printed items – just catch us at a race and ask us if we don’t find you first.  We won’t be posting them out, to keep costs down.  We may have them in time for the Lakes 10 Peaks on 27 June, but more likely it will be the Long Tour of Bradwell on 8 August.

2.  We think the confusion over the Ox Ultra results has now been sorted out, apart from James Ashworth’s time still being wrong.  This has been fixed in the Runfurther points, but as I’m writing this hadn’t been corrected in the official race results.

3.  We’ve updated the Ultra Calendar, and it’s now the most complete list of offroad ultras around, as far as we can see.

4.  We’ve already started thinking about races for 2016, so let us know if you’ve got any races you’d like us to consider for inclusion.

5.  We’ve got spot prizes for Martin Huddleston and Glenn Bowyer that they didn’t pick up at their last race – if you see them let them know.

6.  The committee meeting on Friday has been brought forward to 7pm, the Greyhound, Shap.