Early April News

Just a quick post to say we’ll be at the Calderdale Hike tomorrow, with banners up, prizes for the winners and there’ll also be spot prizes for Runfurther members.  This time they’ll be for runners who’ve completed both the Haworth Hobble and the Calderdale Hike.  We’ll draw them once I get back from running & get my breath back: about 5 I’d expect.  As for the Hobble, if you’ve finished the race but wandered off home or to the pub, you’ll miss out if your name is picked for a prize, & we’ll give it to someone else.  If you’re still out on the course you won’t miss out – we’ll get it to you one way or another – check our noticeboard when you finish.

The weather forecast is good for tomorrow – just as well, as the navigation isn’t always easy.  Since its a new route, not many people will know the way to go, so be cautious about following other people – they probably don’t know where they’re going any better than you do yourself.  Map, compass, constant vigilance!  There are new turbine workings in two areas on or very near the route between Sladen Fold and Slatepit Hill.  They won’t be on your map, so don’t be surprised when you get there.

We’ll see you tomorrow!