Control & Management

The sections below highlight and supplement the main provisions arising from the Articles but they are not comprehensive. For full detail on all these issues reference should be made to the Articles.

1.     Control of the Company by members

Members exercise their control of the company through participation in members meetings. These will include:

An annual general meeting which must take place before 31 December each year though ideally it will be called in November to coincide with the prize giving and if possible in conjunction with a suitable running event. It will be called by the Executive Committee who must give 21 days notice to members by email or letter and will be advertised on the website and elsewhere. The AGM will:

  •  receive reports from the officers;
  • elect the officers and Executive Committee members for the succeeding year;
  • appoint an auditor;
  • deal with other business on the notice of the meeting e.g. motions submitted by the Executive Committee or by members;
  • consider any proposed amendments to the Articles;
  • discuss the race programme for the succeeding year; and
  • hold an open discussion about issues associated with ultra running.

All honorary and ordinary members will be entitled to one vote, either in person or by an appointed proxy and ordinary members may stand for election as an officer or Executive Committee member.

Extraordinary general meetings may be called at any time by the Executive Committee. The committee must call a meeting when the Secretary receives a request in writing signed by not less than 5% of the ordinary members. The meeting must take place within two months of the receipt of the request. Whether called by the Executive Committee or as a result of a request by members, 14 days notice of the meeting must be given by the means described for the AGM.

2.     The Executive Committee and Officers

Membership: The Executive Committee is elected at the AGM and consists of :

  • Chairman;
  • General Secretary;
  • Assistant Secretary;
  • Treasurer;
  • Two other members.

They will hold office for one year or until the next AGM, whichever is later

They have the power to co-opt up to three additional members who shall not be entitled to vote.

Powers of the Executive Committee: In addition to powers mentioned above the Executive Committee can:

  •  Set the terms, conditions and classes of membership and regulate the conduct of members;
  • Expend the funds of the Company as they shall consider most beneficial for the achievement of the Objects;
  • Control the financial affairs of the Company;
  • Enter into contracts on behalf of the Company;
  • Draw up rules for the Company and the competitions that it organises;
  • Inquire into, consider and deal with matters referred to them for investigation;
  • Make recommendations on any matter pertaining to the Objects.

Members may, by special resolution, direct the Executive Committee to take, or to refrain from taking, any specified action. Such a resolution does not invalidate anything which the Executive Committee has done before the passing of the resolution.

Executive Committee meetings shall be held not less than four times a year. Any member may attend any meeting of the Executive Committee as observers and may speak at such meetings but may not vote.

To facilitate participation by members Executive Committee meetings will, so far as is reasonably practicable, coincide with races in the Runfurther series and details of the time and places of the meetings will be published on the Runfurther website.