Constitution and Rules


Membership Rules

Control and Management

Competition Rules

Articles of Association

Runfurther has been set up as a Company Limited by Guarantee, with the company being under the ownership and control of the active runners in the series.  This section explains how all this works.  We set up an informal association at the meeting on 18 January 2014, then the members of that association automatically became members of the company once that was created a few days later.  The main advantages of setting up a company like this are:

1. It gives us a sound constitutional basis, with clear accountability.

2.  If Runfurther were to become insolvent at some point in the future, then each member would only be liable for £1 of the company’s debts (unlike the situation with an informal club).

3.  Sponsors will feel more comfortable dealing with a company.

The Articles of Association define the company formally, so are fairly heavy reading.  The pages covering Objects, Membership Rules and Control and Management explain key aspects in more readable language.  The section on Competition Rules sets out how the competition works.