Competition Rules

1.     Competitions

The Executive Committee will organise an annual competition for members based on participation in designated events. The terms of the competition will be determined by the Executive Committee but at the moment are:

There will be a minimum of four races in each of 3 distance categories:

  • Short:              35 miles or less;
  • Medium:          More than 35 miles up to 45 miles; and
  • Long:               More than 45 miles.

2.     Awards and prizes

Awards and prizes will be made at the discretion of the Executive Committee in the following categories. Only members will be eligible for awards.

Individual awards will be made on the basis of a runner’s best points score for one race in each distance category plus one other. To be eligible for prizes members must complete at least three races which must be in at least two distance categories.

1000 points will be awarded to the male/female race winners and for all other runners on the basis of:

  • Winners time x 1000 / runners time
  • Separate calculations will be made in respect of men and women.

Awards will be made to men and women in the following categories:

  • Overall
  • Over 50
  • Over 60
  • Over 70 and Over 80 if we have any

For age categories for a race to count a runner must have been in that age category on the date on which the race started. Runners are eligible for prizes in all age categories below their current age including the overall category. No runner can win more than one prize in the overall/age categories. Prizes will be awarded to second place runners where this arises e.g. if an O60 wins the O50 prize, the O60 prize will be awarded to the second placed O60.

Teams. There will be only one team competition for teams of at least 3 members who may be all male, all female or mixed. The team score will be the sum of the best three individual scores as calculated above. Each member of the team must have met the minimum requirements for the individual competition.

Where runners do not identify themselves as members of a team they will be deemed to be running for their club. In these cases the first three will be designated as the ‘A’ team, the next three as the ‘B’ team etc.

Other awards / prizes will be made for the following categories:

  • Most points in the year (man)
  • Most points in the year (woman)
  • Grand slam for completing all the races in the series
  • Other awards may be added at the discretion of the Executive Committee