2018 Prizegiving/AGM

Here’s Karen’s brief report on the Prizegiving & AGM.  You can find the AGM minutes here.  Karen took photos, and of course Nick did too.  I’ve included all the photos Karen sent me here: Nick’s are up on his Flickr site as usual – check them out too!

Karen Nash & Ken Sutor: overall winners again!

Despite last minute hitches with a venue the AGM and prize giving went well. The Peak Raid mini MM series of a 3 hour score long orienteering event was perfect and a number of our runners said how grateful they were for the opportunity to practice their navigation. I even managed to beat Ken and Rory and that won’t happen ever again! Being a score event reduced the waiting time for the first runners back and the venue was nice and cosy with plenty of drinks and cake whilst we waited for our room to be available. In the end we were allocated the ‘lounge’ with soft chairs, carpet, fireplace the works. There was plenty to drink and eat with about 16 or so of us attending; including Si Berry.
The AGM passed swiftly with no changes to the committee and reports that our finances were very secure.
Prizes were awarded to winners overall, age categories, most points and teams. There was a good selection from Ultimate Direction, Injinji, Mountain Fuel and Tent Meals so huge thanks to our sponsors yet again.

Second woman Sarah Challans

Before the AGM

A serious moment trying out the reward caps

The boards

Dick Scroop making the presentation to Karen

The prizes


Round Rotherham 2018, & who are the Runfurther 2018 champions. Updated 31 Oct.

The race

155 runners and walkers completed the 50 miles round Rotherham on Saturday, in what was the last of the Runfurther 2018 races.  Congratulations to everyone who took part, and to all the Runfurther 2018 runners.

First home was local runner Ben Hague in the astonishing time of 6:00:52, taking nearly 17 minutes off the race record.  This made Runfurther points hard to come by for the rest of the male runners!  Second was Kevin Hoult in 6:33:08, and third was this year’s Runfurther champion Ken Sutor in 6:44:04.  First woman was our own Karen Nash, clearly back on form, in 8:41:15.  Second woman was Elly Woodhead in 8:52:11, and third was Sarah Milns in 9:05:01.  The full race results are up on the Sportident website.

Karen’s written a race report for her blog, and I’ve also posted it on here (just scroll down).  Nick Ham’s photos are up on Flickr here.  Henry Morris has written up his race in entertaining style, and you can find that here.

The Runfurther 2018 champions

You can find the final 2018 leaderboard here.  Subject to any changes to the RR results, and subject to anyone pointing out where I’ve made mistakes myself, I think the Runfurther 2018 winners are listed below.  Congratulations to all of them!


  1. Ken Sutor, Cheshire Hash House Harriers, 3997 points.  Winner for the second time in a row, with some great results.  Ken won 3 races, and was just pipped to the line at Calderdale by Rory Harris.
  2. Rory Harris, 3930 points.  Some great running from Rory.  He just beat Ken once, and was just beaten by him twice.
  3. David Chetta, Mercia Fell Runners, 3624 points.


  1. Martin Terry, Clayton-le-Moors Harriers, 3259 points.  Yet again, Martin is first MV50.
  2. Kevin Smith, 2686 points.
  3. Nick Ham, Team Krypton, 2544 points.


  1. Alwyn Nixon, 2970 points.  Another great year for Alwyn, who would have been 2nd MV50 had he lied about his age.
  2. Stephen Hall, Skipton AC, 2562 points.
  3. John Vernon, Dark Peak FR, 1792 points.


  1. Robert Nash, Team Krypton, 1988 points.
  2. Dick Scroop, Mercia Fell Runners, 1909 points.


  1. Karen Nash, Team Krypton, 3851 points.  Karen does it again.  She actually finished first woman in four of the 2018 races, but only three count towards her points total.
  2. Sarah Challans, Lincoln & District Runners, 3507 points.
  3. Jenny Wyles, Chorley Athletic & Tri, 3035 points.  A good run at Rotherham meant Jenny just pipped Debbie Cooper to 3rd place.


  1. Karen Nash, Team Krypton, 3851 points.
  2. Jenny Wyles, Chorley Athletic & Tri, 3035 points.


  1. Janet Hill, Springfield Striders, 2603 points.

Most points overall

Men:  David Chetta, Mercia Fell Runners, 6023 points.

Women:  Karen Nash, Team Krypton, 5694 points.


  1. Team Krypton, 8383 points.  Karen Nash, Nick Ham and Robert Nash.
  2. Mercia Fell Runners, 6444 points.  David Chetta, Dick Scroop and Stewart Bellamy.
  3. Horwich RMI Harriers, 6290 points.  Andy Ford, Albert Sunter and Josie Greenhalgh.

Karen Nash’s Round Rotherham race report

This would be my 8th running of this event and my 6th in the Runfurther Champs (which is pretty good considering how much time I have been out of the country). I knew It would not change my score in the Championship and as a consequence was struggling for motivation as we stood on the start line. The whole RRR organisation is superb and the race is really good value. It is also fairly flat and fast which does not exactly play to my strengths.

We started from a new venue this year, Mavers Boatclub and it was a pretty setting on the lakeside. It also meant we were straight onto trails rather than the road and tarmac cycle was from the Sports Centre, those would be at the end this year. The forecast was good but not too sunny and I was assured there would be very little mud even on the ploughed fields.

 The new venue

The lead men soon disappeared into the distance and the rest of us settled into our natural pace and positions. By Elsecar it was warm and I had to take a layer off. Heading up into the woods I chatted to Ellie, the local girl who had beaten me by a couple of minutes last year. She was running with two guys but was carrying absolutely nothing. I ran a fair way with Les Hill. He raced ahead on the flats and I caught him on the hilly ups and downs or any rough bits, until his legs objected and reminded him of his recent 6 hour race. Having the slower runners and walkers go off an hour earlier is quite nice as you can slowly pick them off. I passed John Vernon at Keppel’s Column and then Bob and Dick as we joined the canal and the delights of Tinsley. I was pleased with my progress and now had my race head on as I ran past Orgreave and noted all the new houses in the distance. CP2 was welcome as I was low on water so I also grabbed some food to keep me going. I like the next section past Treeton Lake and towards the railway viaduct and Rother Valley Park. My foot was now causing me some issues after all the firm surfaces and I did have to walk some short sections here which was frustrating as my legs felt fine. I knew from experience that some walking would help and then we would be on the field paths again through Woodall and into Harthill. This CP is almost half way and I have wasted time here before. Not today though. A quick refill of water and two jaffa cakes and I was on my way. Sadly I found the film tub of mountain fuel had lost it’s cap. Sad because I wanted the energy and worse because it left a sticky mess where the powder had spilt and got damp. I managed two of my marmite sandwiches instead. Less than 10km would see us Woodsetts which I think of as half way even though it is 47/80km. The fields in the next section were beautifully dry and compacted and still had more crops rather than the ploughed mess of some years. The turbines came and went, the light aircraft buzzed us and suddenly I seemed to be almost on my own. It was warm and I had hoped to refill my bottle at the unofficial drink station by the canal but for the first time I can remember they were not there. The relay runners were now coming past at a steady pace and mutual congratulations also help lift my pace plus the golf course section has some softer ground for my poor foot. A short steep uphill and we were racing down to the Butcher’s Arms and the CP at Woodsetts. I had decided to stick some food in a drop bag this year but no change of socks or shoes. Last year I wasted almost 15 mins faffing. Today it was a cup of tea, more marmite sandwiches, two baby bel and a restock of Mountain Fuel Sport Jelly. I was first lady but had no idea how close Ellie was or if she was gaining time on me. There was nothing for it but to keep going as hard as I could. Les set a good pace around the fields at into Langold lake park. The following woods used to be great but the path now has an uncomfortable covering of gravel chippings. I concentrated on not letting him get too far ahead and we arrived at Firbeck together. I over heard a rumour that Ellie was two minutes behind me so after a refill of water and Mountain Fuel I was off and heading for Roche Valley and the abbey ruins. Surely after 35 miles she wouldn’t catch me now. Red vest man aka fastest fat boy was running with me now and we made very good time to Maltby. He seemed keen that I should not be caught. The roads through Maltby were hard work as usual but the track past the odd little trig point and Micklebring came faster than expected. More relay runners dragged me under the M18, across fields and down to Hooton Roberts. I was now checking Henry’s strip maps frequently to check on the passing and remaining kilometres. The 2km to Old Denaby flew by as I tried hard to reel in red vest man again. From the last CP I knew it was less than 5 miles even with the new venue. I met relay folk running back to cars and others out supporting. Several were Kimberworth Stridders and I hoped Ellie was not getting too many updates on how far ahead I was. In my memory the canal and paths to Swinton and then the Sports Centre go on a bit but today they flew by. I was desperate not to lose my position after all these miles. From here it was all tarmac for about a mile. I focused on counting roundabouts to take my mind off my foot until I could see the Fire HQ and knew I was safe. I did slow to walk at that corner but managed to run into the finish. 8hrs 41.

 Feeling better after food and a hot shower

Not a PB as I have run faster in 3/8 years but a whole 45 minutes faster than last year. Ellie appeared about 15 minutes later chuffed to have beaten her last years time by about 30 minutes.

The real glory goes to the local man who set a new course record of 6hrs 52 seconds! And Ken, Kevin, David and the others who were way ahead of me as usual.

Nick finishing

Food and a hot shower soon refreshed me and several walks back to the van down on the lakeside loosened my legs. A seat in the sun watching the light slowly dip over the lake was a beautiful end to the day.

 Catching the last rays

All the flags and banners were down and safely stowed soon after dark and I settled down to wait for Bob and Dick. The race was important for them and would decide who will be V70 champion.

 Bob and Ian

The new venue worked well. RR is much more scenic than it sounds and a great place to get a 50 mile PB. (I was almost 2 hours faster than at Red Rose 50)

White Rose 30 2017 & the Prizegiving/AGM (updated 11 Nov)

The race


The weather was dry, and the race was fast.  It was hilly, but with a fair bit of tarmac, and much of the rest on good tracks, it was very runnable.  I spent the morning sorting out the Jedburgh results, & didn’t get to Marsden until the first few runners had already finished.  Remember we were giving Runfurther points for runners in the 60-mile and 100-mile races as well, using the 30-mile times from their trackers.  First home was Rory Harris in 3:56:42, with Lee Kemp just behind in 3:58:15.  Third runner to get back to Marsden was Cees van der Land, in 4:05:08, but he went straight back out for another lap, eventually winning the 60-mile race.  The head to head between Ken Sutor and Kevin Hoult was settled when Ken finished next in 4:07:53.  Kevin had entered the 100-mile race: he finished the first lap in 4:14:00, but retired at that point.


First woman was Kim Kennedy in 5:03:28, 2nd was Helen Morley, only 2o seconds behind. Helen Pickford was next through in 5:11:30, on her way to 3rd place overall in the 60-mile race.  Lesley Murphy was next in 5:17:53.  Karen Nash finished in considerable pain exactly a minute after Lesley, & clearly needs to get her foot sorted out!


Karen has written her race up, and you can find that on her blog here. Nick’s photos are on Flickr here, & I’ve pinched some of the for this post.  You can find the full race results on the White Rose website here.


The final 2017 Runfurther results

The full Runfurther leaderboard has been updated and is here.  As long as I’ve made no mistakes, that should be the final version for 2017.  This year’s winners are:


  1.  Ken Sutor, Cheshire Hash House Harriers.  Well done to Ken.  He beat Kevin Hoult in all 3 of their Runfurther head-to-heads this year, so is a worthy winner.
  2.  Kevin Hoult, Calder Valley FR.  Last year’s winner, but not quite fast enough to repeat that this year.
  3.  Rory Harris.  Rory’s definitely one to watch for 2018.  All 3 runners were way ahead of the rest of the field this year, but quite close together.  Rory could have taken the title had he run another Long race & replaced his Fellsman points with a higher score.
  4. David Chetta, Mercia FR.
  5. Adam Worrallo, Bingley Harriers.  David & Adam were only separated by 5 points.


  1. Karen Nash, again.  A running machine, and it’s about time she got some more competition!
  2. Debbie Cooper, Lytham St Annes Road Runners.  Settled by her run at Jedburgh.
  3. Sarah Smith, Valley Striders AC.
  4. Janet Hill, Springfield Striders.
  5. Charlotte Smith.

Men over 50

This year we’ve changed the age category rules, so, for example, over 60s aren’t eligible for this category

  1. Martin Terry, Clayton-le-Moors Harriers.  Looks like this one’s Martin’s until he’s 60, at this rate!
  2. Nick Ham (of whom more later)
  3. Kevin Smith.  Kevin was only 2 points behind Nick.

Women over 50

  1. Karen Nash.

Men over 60

  1. Chris Davies, Saddleworth Runners.
  2. Alwyn Nixon.

Women over 60

  1. Janet Hill.

Men over 70

  1. Bob Nash.
  2. Dick Scroop, Mercia FR

Most points

Men: Nick Ham, 7627 points

Women: Karen Nash, 7464 points

Grand Slam of all 12 races


Nick Ham & Bob Nash

Bob Nash, the first over 70 to achieve this – an amazing result.

Nick Ham, & not for the first time.  Congratulations to both of them.

Team competition

  1. Calder Valley Fell Runners, 8836 points: Kevin Hoult, Ian Symington, Martin Huddleston
  2. Team Krypton, 8319 points: Karen Nash, Nick Ham, Linda Murgatroyd
  3. Mercia Fell Runners, 8186 points: David Chetta, Stewart Bellamy, Dick Scroop

Prizegiving and AGM

Karen Nash & Ken Sutor

Karen Nash & Ken Sutor

Well I’m not going to give a blow-by-blow account of the AGM, which was brief as usual.  The main item was my standing down as Assistant Secretary, and Kevin Smith volunteering to join the committee in my place.  I’ll continue to run the website & turn race results into Runfurther points though – who else is daft enough to do it?  Anyway, the AGM minutes are here.

Karen Nash & Martin Terry

Karen Nash & Martin Terry

As for the presentations, I’ve already listed who won what above, so here are a few of Nick photos of the presentations.  The rest are on his Flickr site here.

Karen Nash and Janet Hill

Karen Nash and Janet Hill

And we all had a rollicking good time, and danced into the night.  The excitement was overwhelming (see below)…

The presentations at fever pitch

The presentations at fever pitch

Lastly, many thanks to Karen for holding everything together so well this year, and to Si Berry and Lee Kemp for turning up in Marsden with gifts for all from Ultimate Direction and Injinji.  We just need Lee to run a few more Runfurther races next year now, to give Ken, Kevin & Rory more to aim at!

2015 Final Results & Prizegiving

Jedburgh brought the 2015 Runfurther Championship to its end, so we can now announce the final results.  Thanks to everyone who took part this year  – numbers are up on last year, and we’ve had a great time (well I have anyway!)

Prizegiving and AGM

Pendle Inn,. Barley

Pendle Inn, Barley

Please come to the prizegiving and AGM if you possibly can.  It will be at the Pendle Inn in Barley, by Pendle Hill in Lancashire, at 4pm on Saturday 14th November.  Sandwiches and chips will be laid on, but you’ll have to buy your own drinks!  All members are welcome to play a full part in the AGM, but you can only vote if you’ve run two Runfurther races, either this year or last year.  The AGM won’t take long.  Anyone who’s run 4 counters and hasn’t yet got their exclusive Giraffe neckthing can pick it up at the prizegiving.  The people I think we owe Giraffes to are:  Stewart Bellamy, Martin Terry, Allan McKeown, Dave Orbinson, Kayleigh Ralphs, Kevin Smith, Janet Hill, Andrew Ellwood, Stuart Allan, David Ralphs, David Anderson, Edwin Sherstone and Steven Jones.  If you’ve got a Giraffe, flaunt it – I’ll be wearing mine at the prizegiving.

We’ve arranged this to follow on from the Full Tour of Pendle fell race.  As of 26 October, 396 of the 500 places had already gone, so you’ll need to book asap to get in.  The race is an AL fell race, 16.8 miles, with 4833 feet of climbing, so it’s no soft touch.  It’s a classic race though, and it starts at Barley Village Hall at 10:30.

Final results for 2015

Many congratulations to all this year’s winners.  The final positions are:


1.  Ian Symington, Calder Valley Fell Runners, 3929 points
2.  Kevin Hoult, Calder Valley Fell Runners, 3597 points
3.  Stewart Bellamy, Mercia Fell Runners, 3595 points
4.  Martin Terry, Clayton-le-Moors Harriers, 3438 points
5.  Michael Sellors, 3333 points

Ian’s second win in a row was well-deserved.  He was way ahead of the pack, with a win at Calderdale and three 2nd places.  It could have been a different picture had Ken Sutor been able to run the Hardmoors 60 as planned: they were very closely matched this year.  Kevin ran at Jedburgh knowing he had to get close to the winning time to pip Stewart to 2nd place, and he went for it, finishing 5th in the race, and thus beating Stewart by just two points.  If he’d been a minute slower he wouldn’t have done it!

Mike Sellors and Barney Nikolich at the Bullock Smithy

Mike Sellors and Barney Nikolich at the Bullock Smithy


1.  Karen Nash, Team Krypton, 3869 points
2.  Mary Gillie, Clwydian Range Runners, 3741 points
3.  Sally Howarth, Trafford AC, 3054 points
4.  Kayleigh Ralphs, Newburgh Nomads, 2963 points
5.  Nicky Spinks, Dark Peak Fell Runners, 2939 points

Karen’s second win (she won in 2013 too) was all the more impressive as she also completed the Grand Slam of all 12 races this year – the first time anyone has got near to achieving that in the history of Runfurther.  Mary actually beat Karen in all three races where they both ran, but Karen’s wins at Calderdale and Shap were enough to see her clear.  Nicky’s running like a demon but only ran three counters.

Mary Gillie at the Long Tour of Bradwell

Mary Gillie at the Long Tour of Bradwell


1.  Martin Terry, Clayton-le-Moors Harriers, 3438 points
2.  Chris Davies, Saddleworth Runners, 3277 points
3.  David Wilson, Bowland Fell Runners, 3121 points

Martin won this at the last race of the year, making it two in a row.  David did the Grand Slam as well of course.


1.  Karen Nash, Team Krypton, 3869 points
2.  Sally Howarth, Trafford AC, 3054 points
3.  Alison Brind, Stone Master Marathoners, 2781 points

The 4th year in a row for Karen, and nobody else can  come close.  Well done to Sally and Alison though!


1.  Chris Davies, Saddleworth Runners, 3277 points
2.  Andy Robinson, Helsby RC, 3031 points
3.  Bob Nash, 2314 points

Chris is one of the top MV60 English fell runners, and I suspect the best MV60 Ultra runner in the country.  I can’t come close!


1.  Janet Hill, Springfield Striders, 2709 points

A well-deserved win for Janet.   Not having much competition doesn’t make the running any easier.


1.  Bob Nash, 2314 points

And well done to Bob, lured into Ultra running by his other half I suspect.  Our first MV70 runner to complete four counters ever.


1.  Calder Valley Fell Runners:  Ian Symington, Kevin Hoult, Bill Johnson, 10459 points
2.  Team Krypton:  Karen Nash, Nick Ham, Linda Murgatroyd, 8876 points
3.  Mercia Fell Runners:  Stewart Bellamy, Kate Whitfield, Dick Scroop, 8702 points

Having the first two men in the competition in the same club meant CVFR were way ahead of the rest, but let’s not forget Bill Johnson, who came 19th overall.

Grand Slam and maximum points

Karen Nash, 10513 points
David Wilson, 8892 points

Hats off to both of them.  They were both carrying painful injuries for the last three races (at least), but pushed ahead anyway, and never looked like giving up.  Karen’s points score is the 2nd highest ever, surpassed only by Emma David’s 10553 last year (the men’s record is 9717 – Tim Whittaker in 2009).

Karen and David at the Bullock Smithy Hike

David and Karen at the Bullock Smithy Hike