Beacons 100 update

The question of how to award Runfurther points for the abandoned Beacons 100 race has now been sorted out (we think).  Many runners battled on for over 20 hours before the race was abandoned, and we were pretty uncomfortable about not awarding points for the race.  We have decided the fairest approach would be to give points to those runners who were still running at the time the race was abandoned.  To make it simpler we’re just doing this for Runfurther members, unless anyone else wants us to work their points out as well.

As far as we know, there were only two Runfurther members still going when the race was abandoned: David Chetta and Steve Jones.  David’s last checkpoint time was at CP6, at which point he was leading the race.  Steve’s last checkpoint time was at CP4.  We have therefore decided to award David 1000 points, and Steve 633 points, worked out from their respective times at CP4, which was the last point we could compare their running speeds.  If anyone else was still racing when the race was abandoned and wants their points, then let me know, and I’ll work out their points too.

This has given both David and Steve a few more Runfurther points, but hasn’t made a big difference as they both have four counters without this race.  I’ve updated the leaderboard accordingly.

Good luck to everyone running the Three Towers on Saturday!