2018 Results

You can find the 2018 leaderboard here.  Your name will appear in the list if you’ve run at least 2 races in the series, whether you’re a member or not.

The 2018 team scores are here.  Your team will appear in the list if 2 or more runners have finished a race.  If you want to form a team, just let us know who’s in it, otherwise we’ll use your club.  The top 3 in a team are the “A” team, the next 3 the “B” team etc.

Let me know if you spot any mistakes.  If you are using Firefox and have trouble opening the table, go to Firefox Options/ Applications, scroll down to Portable Document Format (PDF) and select Use Adobe Reader.

Runners whose names are greyed out haven’t joined Runfurther yet, so aren’t eligible for vets points, Runfurther prizes or coming to the end of year bash.  So sign up!  We’ll have forms at each race, or you can print a form from the website here, & post it or email it to us.

V40 points are shown, but there’ll be no V40 prizes, since so many of the fastest ultra runners are over 40 anyway.

Once your name is shown in red it means you’ve run 4 counters this year, and are eligible for a prize – ask us for it at your next race if you haven’t got a Giraffe already.  If you haven’t yet got a Giraffe neck thing, that’s what you’ll get, and if you’ve already got one then you’ll get something else – we haven’t got them sorted yet though.  No idea what you’ll get if you’ve already got both, but there’ll be something!