2014 Series Announced

We are proud to announce the 12 races that will make up the 2014 Runfurther series.  Or rather 13 this time, as you have a choice of distance for one of them.  If you click on the “2014 Series” tab above it will take you to the list of races, or the drop-down list will take you to a page for each race, and a link to the race’s own website.

We hope we’ve included something for everyone this time.  We’ve got two events in Cumbria, one in Snowdonia, two further south (Northants and the Cotswolds), and what should be a brilliant race in Scotland, which is actually the one I’m looking forward to the most.  No idea whether I’ll finish it though.  We’ve got mountain tops, seaside, and just about everything in between.  Most of them are already open for entries: book now before they fill up!