2013 Results

The 2013 results are available here:  Ultra results 2013.

That’s the final version of the 2013 leaderboard, including everything we know about who’s entitled to what vet points.  Let me know if you spot any mistakes.  If you are using Firefox and have trouble opening the table, go to Firefox Options/ Applications, scroll down to Portable Document Format (PDF) and select Use Adobe Reader.  The Firefox plugin is unfortunately a hopeless mess.

And the final results are:

  • Duncan Harris wins the men’s series.  Kevin Hoult won the Round Rotherham and that means he comes second, with Stuart Walker in 3rd place.
  • Karen Nash had the women’s series won after the High Peak 40, but then finished the series by being first woman in the last two races, both Longs, and on consecutive weekends.  That is an impressive performance.  She also has more points overall than anyone else this year.  She wins the women’s series, & is first FV50 too of course.  Second is Emma David, with Alison Brind third overall and second FV50. Third FV50 is Janet Hill.
  • Chris Davies is first MV50, closely followed by Peter Stobbs, with Martin Terry third.
  • Dick Scroop completed the Grand Slam of all 12 races, and wins the MV60 category too, with Tony Wimbush seconds and Stephen Scott third. Dick also scored more points overall than any other male runner.
  • Sandra Scott wins the FV60 class, and is the only FV60 to have run 2 counters.

A few other things:

  • I’ve only included runners who have run at least two races, which is why there are some gaps in the placings lower down the order.
  • I’ve put V40 points in the leaderboard, but there’s no intention of awarding V40 prizes as far as I know.  Being over 40 doesn’t seem to be much of a disadvantage in ultras!
  • There’s a column in the results titled “DOB known?”  If we know your date of birth we’ll get your vet points right.

Andy Robinson