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The 2018 races

At the AGM the 2018 races were announced.  I’ll be updating the website properly soon, but in the meantime here’s the list of races.  They have all featured in Runfurther in previous years, so for now I’ve linked them to the web pages we’ve already got for them.  Those pages tell you something about the races but they haven’t been updated for 2018, so still have dates for previous years in them.  The links to the races’ own websites probably still work, but I haven’t checked them yet.  I imagine the Hardmoors 60 will fill very quickly.

  1. Sat 10 March: Haworth Hobble, 32 miles, Short
  2. Sat 31 March: Lakes Mountain 42, 42 miles, Medium
  3. Sat 14 April: Calderdale Hike, 40 miles, Medium (nb I think this will be a new route for 2018)
  4. Sat 28 April: The Fellsman, 61 miles, Long
  5. Sun 6 May: Marlborough Downs Challenge, 33 miles, Short
  6. Sun 20 May: Northants Ultra, 35 miles, Short
  7. Fri/Sat 22/23 June: South Wales 50 & 100, 50 or 100 miles, Long
  8. Sat 7 July: Pennine 39, 39 miles, Medium
  9. Sat 11 August: Long Tour of Bradwell, 33 miles, Short
  10. Sat 1 September: Grand Tour of Skiddaw, 44 miles, Medium
  11. Sat 15 September: Hardmoors 60, 62 miles, Long
  12. Sat 20 October: Round Rotherham, 50 miles, Long

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