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Long Tour of Bradwell 2018 – updated 21 August

Nick Ham, as if you didn’t already know

The race results are here. Stuart Walker won in 5:08:30, Rory Harris was 2nd in 5:18:46, Stephen Shanks was 3rd in 5:29:11. First woman was Abigail Hathway in 6:51:12, 2nd was Amanda Seims in 6:54:06, and 3rd Amanda Heading in 7:17:40. The Runfurther leaderboard has been […]

Pennine 39 2018

It was another hot one! A great little race, this one. Last year’s Runfurther champions, Ken Sutor and Karen Nash, were first man and first woman to finish, doing their prospects of another championship this year no harm at all. Ken’s time was 5:23:44, with Rory Harris 5 minutes behind him in 5:28:41. I […]

Tent Meals – new sponsor, 20% reduction

Tent Meals are sponsoring the remainder of Runfurther 2018, so there’ll be food handed out! Many thanks to them. Tent Meals produce dried lightweight meals for backpacking & mountain marathons.

Update: As of August 2019 you will need to quote LotsOfRunning20 in your online order.


South Wales 50/100 2018 – updated 27 June

Well the weather was hot, & it’s just been getting hotter ever since. The race results are up on the Run Walk Crawl website. There were 26 finishers in the 100, and 34 in the 50. Matt Tomlinson won the 100 in 23:28:20, just beating Karen Nash by a whisker. OK, he beat her […]

Northants Ultra 2018 updated 5 June

The results are up on the Go Beyond website. Despite what must have been a very hot day, Andrew Siggers of Kenilworth Runners lowered the race record by 13 minutes, finishing in the amazing time of 3:59:29. That meant Runfurther points were hard to come by for the handful of male members who ventured down […]

Marlborough Downs Challenge 2018 – updated 10 May

There were 90 finishers in the long race this year, in pretty warm weather – there were a few people who needed to retire due to the heat. It looks like there was a race to the line for the first two finishers, who put in very fast times. Edward Knudsen (Avon Valley Runners) finished […]

The Fellsman 2018 – updated 3 May with photos

Ascent of Ingleborough: photo by Nick Ham

The Fellsman results are up, and you can find them on the Fellsman website. If you get to a list of the past few years’ results & think 2018 isn’t there yet, just scroll down & click on “2018” on the right hand side. Sounds like it […]

Calderdale Hike 2018 – updated with results

The race results are now out, and you can find them on the Calderdale Hike website. There were 45 finishers in the long run: 6 didn’t finish including Dick Scroop and John Vernon, who couldn’t make the cutoffs. Rory Harris finished first in 5:54, and Ken Sutor was 2nd just behind him. Christopher Goddard […]

Lakes Mountain 42 2018 – updated 6 April

Ponies at Askham

Many thanks to Joe Faulkner and his team for putting the Lakes Mountain 42 on, despite the conditions. The race was shortened to about 26 miles due to the snow/ice conditions, but it will still count as a Runfurther “Medium” race. For a full race report, see Nick Ham’s write-up below.


Haworth Hobble 2018

Nick Ham at the start

The results are out for the Haworth Hobble. Ken Sutor, last year’s Runfurther men’s champion, came in first in 4:33:18 – well run Ken! Second was Chris Cope in 4:39:07, and 3rd was another Runfurther 2017 prizewinner, David Chetta, in 4:42:28. First woman was Lorraine Slater of Barlick FR […]