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Long Tour of Bradwell results revisited


We recently had brought to our attention that the first two finishers at the Long Tour of Bradwell failed to find one of the controls. According to the race rules they should have been disqualified, although the race organisers always have the discretion to bend rules if they want. Normally of course we go […]

Round Rotherham 50 2017 – updated 23 Oct (Nick’s photos)

The Race

Saturday saw the last of the Long Runfurther races for 2017, and the 10th race of the year. Round Rotherham is loved by many, and dreaded by some. At least there was warm weather this time. Karen’s race report is on her blog here, and the results are up on SportIdent here. […]

Hardmoors 60 & 2017 Prizegiving/AGM – updated 20 Oct (link to Nick’s photos)

Runfurther 2017 Prizegiving & AGM

This year’s prizegiving venue has been organised – thanks Karen! It will be on Saturday 4 November starting at 4:30 pm, at The New Inn, Manchester Rd, Marsden, HD7 6EZ. Sandwiches and chips have been booked too. This is the same day as the last Runfurther race of the year […]

Long Tour of Bradwell 2017 – updated 19 August

Approaching Hollins Cross

The race

By my reckoning this was the 9th running of the Long Tour of Bradwell, and in my view it’s one of the best ultras in the country – I’ll try to explain why I think so in my race report below. Numbers were up this year, which was good […]

Pennine 39 2017 – updated 12 July

The Race

Read Chris Davies’s race report below for a good feel for what this race was about. This is a low-key event for connoisseurs, with 39 finishers this year. First in to Alston was new member Rory Harris in 6:06, second was David Chetta in 6:12, and 3rd was Chris Davies in 6:18 – […]

South Wales 50 & 100 2017

The Race

The results are up here, and I’ve updated the Runfurther leaderboard, and that’s here. Karen has written up her 100, and you can find that here. I’ve pinched pictures from that. Nick’s photos of his 50 are here. I’ve pinched some of Nick’s pictures too.

Jack Galloway of Poole AC won […]

Northants Ultra 2017 updated 12 June

Daryl Bentley has written up his race, and you can read his blog here. Nick Ham has now posted his photos, so I’ve borrowed a couple for this report, and you can find the rest on Flickr here.

The race results are up on the race website here. Norbert Mihalik (Northampton Road Runners) won […]

The Fellsman 2017 (updated 6 June)

Karen picked up a lot of new members at the Fellsman – welcome to all of you. I’m still not running, so I wasn’t there. Karen was there, but she was marshalling – she wasn’t running as she was saving herself for the Hardmoors 200, which started in Hull just a few days later (5 […]

Lakes 42 2017

The Race

Apologies for the delay in posting this, but I was away walking from Devon to South Wales, and only got back home last night. Well, on to the race… A sunny day and a great race by the looks of it, although I was busy packing for my week’s walking rather than […]

Calderdale Hike 2017

First a photo from Nick:

The Calderdale Hike results are here. I’ve added them in to the Runfurther leaderboard already, and you can find that here. Let me know if you spot any problems with it – I’ve already had to change it twice! I’ll be updating it again once the Lakes 42 results […]