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The Fellsman 2017 (updated 6 June)

Karen picked up a lot of new members at the Fellsman – welcome to all of you. I’m still not running, so I wasn’t there. Karen was there, but she was marshalling – she wasn’t running as she was saving herself for the Hardmoors 200, which started in Hull just a few days later (5 […]

Lakes 42 2017

The Race

Apologies for the delay in posting this, but I was away walking from Devon to South Wales, and only got back home last night. Well, on to the race… A sunny day and a great race by the looks of it, although I was busy packing for my week’s walking rather than […]

Calderdale Hike 2017

First a photo from Nick:

The Calderdale Hike results are here. I’ve added them in to the Runfurther leaderboard already, and you can find that here. Let me know if you spot any problems with it – I’ve already had to change it twice! I’ll be updating it again once the Lakes 42 results […]

Haworth Hobble 2017

Well, since I wasn’t there this year, Karen Nash has written most of this report – I’ve just done a bit of editing here and there. The race results are here, and the Runfurther leaderboard is here. Nick Ham’s photos are here, and the ones on this page are Nick’s too. Nick’s written up his […]

January 2017 News

Happy New Year to you all. Sorry for the delay in updating the website for 2017, but it should all be there now, including an updated Ultra Calendar, with all the 2017 off-road ultras in the UK I could find (except the ones that go round and round in circles). Let me (Andy) know if […]

Runfurther 2017 Races (updated again)

I’ve started work on updating the website with details and links for all the 2017 races, and you can now get to them from the “2017 Races” tab above.

If you’ve got the dates from the earlier posts, you should note that there were a couple of mistakes in it. (1) The White Rose Ultra […]

Warrington Way 2016 & the Runfurther AGM/Prizegiving – updated

Warrington Way 2016

Debbie Cooper

All photos in this post are courtesy of Lymm Runners (Nick Ham couldn’t make it!). There are hundreds more on their Flickr site. The Warrington race results are up on the Lymm Runners website. Lymm Runners’ organisation was great, so many thanks to Kieran and the team for their […]

Round Rotherham 2016

The Race

Well, I wasn’t there. I’m down with a cold & decided I’d better not run. I went over to Rotherham for a Runfurther committee meeting on Friday evening at the Staithes, but then I came home again – I’ve been in no state to run 50 miles. Plenty of others were though, […]

High Peak 40 2016, & AGM/prizegiving news

Runfurther AGM/Prizegiving

Before covering the High Peak 40, I just need to tell you that we’ve now booked a venue for this year’s AGM and prizegiving – please be there if you possibly can. We’ll be announcing next year’s races, providing sandwiches and chips, and there may even be cake and spot prizes. There usually […]

10 Peaks Brecon Beacons 2016

Well done to everyone who ran the Brecon Beacons race. I wasn’t there, so I can’t tell you much about it. Karen was though, and she’s written up her blog. The photos here are hers, and Karen’s blog is here.

First home was David Chetta (Mercia FR) in 12:27:25, 2nd was Jonathan Williams in […]