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Haworth Hobble 2018

Nick Ham at the start

The results are out for the Haworth Hobble. Ken Sutor, last year’s Runfurther men’s champion, came in first in 4:33:18 – well run Ken! Second was Chris Cope in 4:39:07, and 3rd was another Runfurther 2017 prizewinner, David Chetta, in 4:42:28. First woman was Lorraine Slater of Barlick FR […]

January 2018 news – Mountain Fuel discount

Just a quick note to let you know that all Runfurther members can now get a 15% discount from Mountain Fuel by using the code Runfurther15. Thanks Rupert! Energy food and drink, and things like bottles and clothing too.

Less than 6 weeks until our first race of 2018: the Haworth Hobble.

If you’ve sent […]

Ultra Calendar update

I’ve finally found the time to update the Ultra Calendar – it’s a lot of work each time searching so many websites. All the UK and Ireland Ultras I could fine are in there, with a bit of info and a link to the race website. Please check it out, & let me know if […]

Merry Xmas & a Happy New Year – updated 8 Jan

I’ve updated the website for 2018 – let me know if you spot anything that doesn’t look right. Not sure whether I’ll get the Ultra Calendar updated though – it’s a lot of work but at least I’ve started on it this week. The rest is done though, apart from updating the membership list. That’ll […]

The 2018 races

At the AGM the 2018 races were announced. I’ll be updating the website properly soon, but in the meantime here’s the list of races. They have all featured in Runfurther in previous years, so for now I’ve linked them to the web pages we’ve already got for them. Those pages tell you something about the […]

White Rose 30 2017 & the Prizegiving/AGM (updated 11 Nov)

The race

The weather was dry, and the race was fast. It was hilly, but with a fair bit of tarmac, and much of the rest on good tracks, it was very runnable. I spent the morning sorting out the Jedburgh results, & didn’t get to Marsden until the first few runners had already […]

Jedburgh Three Peaks Ultra 2017

The Race

Well I wasn’t running, but I was there, due to coincidence (see below). That meant I could take photos of a lot of the runners, which are all further down in this post. Nick Ham was taking photos as well, and his are all on Flickr here. The day before had been […]

End of year approaching

The last two races and the AGM/prizegiving are fast approaching. Jedburgh (28 October) has been full for a while, but you can still enter the White Rose 30 (4 November). In fact you can enter the White Rose 60 or the White Rose 100 if you want: your time for the first 30 miles will […]

Long Tour of Bradwell results revisited


We recently had brought to our attention that the first two finishers at the Long Tour of Bradwell failed to find one of the controls. According to the race rules they should have been disqualified, although the race organisers always have the discretion to bend rules if they want. Normally of course we go […]

Round Rotherham 50 2017 – updated 23 Oct (Nick’s photos)

The Race

Saturday saw the last of the Long Runfurther races for 2017, and the 10th race of the year. Round Rotherham is loved by many, and dreaded by some. At least there was warm weather this time. Karen’s race report is on her blog here, and the results are up on SportIdent here. […]