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The 2020 races

I’ve now updated the website for 2020, and here are the 2020 races, as announced at the AGM/prizegiving.  The first race (Pendle Way in a Day) is showing as full on Sientries, but Karen says that if you email her, she can send you a code that should get you a place (karen at runfurther.com).  I’ve no idea how many places we’ve got available for this, so I’d book asap if you want to run.  The links take you to the Runfurther page for each race, and from there you can link to the race websites.

  1. Sat 1 February:  Pendle Way in a Day.  42 miles (Medium), Pennines.  NOT the 30-mile option.
  2. Sat 14 March: Haworth Hobble.  32 miles (Short), South Pennines
  3. Sat 4 April:  Calderdale Hike.  36 miles (Medium), South Pennines
  4. Sat 25 April: The Fellsman.  61 miles (Long), Yorkshire Dales
  5. Sat 9 May:  Spire Ultra.  34 miles (Short), Derbyshire
  6. Sat 16 May:  Shires and Spires (Northants Ultra).  35 miles (Short), Northants
  7. Sat 27 June:  Lakeland Five Passes.  32 miles (Short), Lake District
  8. Sat 11 July:  Pennine 39.  39 miles (Medium), North Pennines
  9. Fri/Sat  7/8 August:  Beacons Ultra 50/100.  50 or 100 miles (Long), South Wales
  10. Sat 5 September:  Bullock Smithy Hike.  56 miles (Long), Peak District
  11. Sat 3 October:  Three Towers Ultra.  43 miles (Medium), Lancashire
  12. Sat 10 October:  Round Rotherham.  50 miles (Long), South Yorkshire – date to be confirmed

All the races but two were in the 2019 Championship, although the Beacons Ultra 100 had to be called off mid-race.  The Shires and Spires is back after a year’s break, and is a great race for those who like to run fast.  The only race new to Runfurther is the Pendle Way in a Day.  This is a new race – they had a 30-mile race last year along part of the route, but this is the first time running the full 42 miles of the waymarked Pendle Way.  In summer this would be a great day out.  On 1 February you will need to be prepared for just about anything, so please don’t underestimate this one.