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January 2017 News

Happy New Year to you all.  Sorry for the delay in updating the website for 2017, but it should all be there now, including an updated Ultra Calendar, with all the 2017 off-road ultras in the UK I could find (except the ones that go round and round in circles).  Let me (Andy) know if you come across one I’ve missed.

You need to get entering races if you want to run them.  Ultras are becoming more popular every year, and although there are more races every year, many of them fill up ages in advance.  If you want to run the Lakes 42 (8 April), you need to get your name on the waiting list straight away, as it’s already full, and the waiting list will fill too at some point.  The Hardmoors 60 (16 September) is also filling fast, even this far ahead.  I’ve no idea how fast some of the others are filling up, but better to be safe than sorry.  The event I organise filled up in just 10 hours, with many runners getting straight in there at midnight on 1 December when we opened for entries.

Get training – you’ve got a lot of running to do!


Runfurther 2017 Races (updated again)

I’ve started work on updating the website with details and links for all the 2017 races, and you can now get to them from the “2017 Races” tab above.

If you’ve got the dates from the earlier posts, you should note that there were a couple of mistakes in it.  (1) The White Rose Ultra is really a “Short”, and (2) Round Rotherham is actually on 14 October.  We’ve got the latter wrong on our 2017 postcards too!

I’ve still got a few things to sort out on the website, but we’re getting there!  I’m hoping to update the Ultra Calendar soon, too.  I just haven’t had the time to do it over the past few months – it’s a job that’ll take me about 3 full days.