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Beacons Ultra

Click here for the Beacons Ultra website

Date:  Friday 9 August 2109 (100-mile), Saturday 10 August 2019 (50-mile)

Distance:  52 or 100 miles (Long)

Ascent:  10800ft/3300m (52 miles), 22000ft/6730m (100 miles).  22000 ft is 3/4 the height of Mount Everest above sea level.

2018 winning time:  I suspect this is the first time this event has been run

ALREADY OPEN FOR ENTRIES.  Make sure you enter the Beacons 50 Ultra or the Beacons 100 Ultra (August), NOT the Beacons Trail/Ultra (which is in November)

This is a new event for Runfurther, starting at Brecon, and running across the Brecon Beacons and Black Mountains.  This is a very challenging area to run in, with a lot of ascent and descent.  If the weather is hot, there will inevitably be a very high attrition rate.

The organisation of this race is now in the hands of Up Hill Down Dale, so if you’ve already bookmarked the old site, you need to update your link.

If you enter the 100-mile race your Runfurther points will be calculated based on the fastest runner of your sex in the 100-mile race, and the same for the 50-mile race.  It’s up to you which you enter.