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inov-8 Grand Tour of Skiddaw 2014 – updated


I’ve been a bit busy, but the updated leaderboard is here, now in a pdf as usual. The race results are here, and there’s also a link to Sport Sunday photos there. We didn’t take any of our own, as Nick wasn’t fit to run, & Karen wasn’t there either. I’ve given up trying to [...]

Long Tour of Bradwell 2014 (updated)

Bradwell’s a favourite race for many, including myself, and it didn’t disappoint this year. It’s a ferocious route, with a lot of climbing in the first 20 miles. The weather was good: warm, perhaps a bit too warm, but there was a bit of a breeze once we got a bit higher up, enough to [...]

July 2014 News – Party date set!

I’ve just emailed all members today (24 July) with most of the content of this post, so if you think you’re a member and you didn’t get the email then please get in touch. It either means the email address we’ve got for you isn’t correct, or yours may be one of the forms we [...]

Vegan Welsh 3000s 2014


This is a tremendous route, climbing the 15 highest Welsh mountains. The terrain is very rough for long sections, and a lot of it is at high altitude. The navigation is often not easy, particularly when you’re in cloud. This year all the runners were in cloud for hours: there wasn’t much wind, but visibility [...]

Three Rings of Shap 2014


Saturday morning saw about 200 people gathered at the Memorial Hall in Shap, Cumbria, for the 10th Three Rings of Shap. Even at 8am it was warm and muggy, and it pretty much stayed that way all day. The route follows three rings of about 20 miles each, 62 miles in all, and it’s a [...]

Northants Ultra 2014

The Northants Ultra took place on Sunday, and for the second year running was a hot one. As we set off at 8:30 the sun was shining but at that time in the morning it was a reasonable temperature for running. By lunchtime it was too hot for comfortable running though, and a fair few [...]

Late May 2014 News

It’s a bit more that a week since our last post, but we’ve been very busy writing copy for an article for the next issue of Fellrunner, which should be arriving on every FRA member’s doormat at the beginning of August. It may sound a long time away, but we had to get the copy [...]

Kintyre Ultras 2014


That was a great weekend. Thanks to Rob Reid and his team: they certainly know how to put on a good race. It was a bit of a drive to get there, but not as bad as you might think. I picked Karen up at 3 on Friday in Preston, and we were at registration [...]

Early May 2014 News


A few news items to report this week:

The Runfurther committee should be a lot easier to spot at races from now on, as we now have new technical t-shirts that identify us. These have been kindly donated to us by Fastrax. They make a range of customised running clothes, so if your club [...]

Evesham 2014 (updated)

The Evesham results are now out, and I have also updated the Runfurther leaderboard and team results. The first version I posted today had errors in the vets points calculations, so I’ve now fixed that. Thanks to Nigel Aston for pointing out the problem. I wasn’t at Evesham but I have this from Emma: “Great [...]