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Mid-February News

The Hobble’s drawing near, and even the Calderdale Hike’s not that far away. Remember the Calderdale Hike takes a new route this year, and a recce is probably not a bad idea if you can fit it in. A route around Calderdale is always interesting but also always has complicated bits, and this one’s no […]

Mid-January News

It’s time to stop eating fruit cake and chocolate and start to get rid of that extra weight you’ve unaccountably put on over the past few weeks. There’s a lot of races coming up, so you should be out there training, trying out your new running gear you got for Christmas. I’m stuck inside, still […]

Hardmoors 30 2015

Happy New Year to you all. If anyone feels the urge to write up any of their ultra runs, we’d be delighted to post them here on the website, or post a link to them if you’ve already got a home for them. Photos too! In the meantime, here’s one of mine…

On New Year’s […]

Tour de Helvellyn 2014


All four members of the Runfurther committee were out on Saturday running in the Tour de Helvellyn. This is one of Joe Faulkner’s Nav4 races, and a great event. We talked to Joe about the possibility of including one of his races in the 2016 Championship, which would be great if we can do it. […]

Prizegiving & AGM Report


It’s taken me a long time to find time to put this post together – apologies for the delay. A lot of other stuff had been put on hold towards the end of the Runfurther season, so I had to get on with some of that, or get in serious trouble with my family! Karen […]

2015 Races Announced

cover dec jan

We are delighted to be able announce the 2015 Runfurther Ultra Championship races. They are appearing simultaneously here and in Trail Running magazine, and we hope that will help us get in touch with more runners, and make Runfurther bigger and better than ever.

So, here are the 2015 races. Click on the race name […]

Prizegiving Party Location, 29/30 November

We can now announce the location for the end-of-year AGM and presentations, and we’re planning on making a weekend of it. The more of you turn up, the better Runfurther will get. The AGM and presentations will start at 3pm on Saturday 29 November, at the Rambler Inn, Edale, S33 7ZA. We have planned it […]

And the 2014 winners are…

So the Runfurther races are over for another year. Congratulations to everyone who took part – it takes guts to run one Ultra, & a lot more to run lots of them. It’s been great meeting so many new people this year through being involved with Runfurther – sorry to all those whose name & […]

Round Rotherham 2014


Saturday saw the last race of the Runfurther 2014 year, the Round Rotherham 50. I think we were just about all surprised at the weather, as we couldn’t believe it would still be warm and dry, but yet again we got really good running weather. It was only wet from the knees down. A bit […]

Our 2015 Races

Issue-22 Oct Nov 14

Hello to you all, & sorry I’ve not posted anything here for a bit. We’ve been a bit busy sorting out the races for 2015. And, the good news is that we’ve now finalised those races. They’ll be announced in the next edition of Trail Running magazine, which will appear in the shops on Thursday […]