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Isle of Man Mountain Ultra 2015

The Isle of Man Mountain Ultra is a race of real quality. If it was on the mainland they’d be turning runners away: every ultra runner who likes the hills should run this race at least once. There are 12 controls in its 31 miles, each one at the top of a hill. It’s a […]

Hardmoors 60 2015


A beautiful sunny September day made the Hardmoors 60 a delightful experience. Until some of us ran out of steam, that is. There are a lot of ups and downs running along that coast, and I for one wasn’t up to the task and pulled out half way through. Plenty of others were fitter […]

Bullock Smithy 2015


Well I wasn’t there, so I can’t talk a lot about the Bullock Smithy. I was running the Across Wales Walk instead. Karen and Nick were there though, and were handing out Giraffe neckwear to those who’ve run 4 counters. Nick seems to have had a very good run, and Karen, unusually for her, had […]

Long Tour of Bradwell 2015

Druid's Stone control, Kinder plateau
Photo by Nick Ham

And the winner was…

Ken Sutor, Lose Hill

Many thanks to Richard and his team for putting on such a good day at Bradwell for us, and all the other runners as well of course. It was a hot day, and some of us were a bit slower than we’d hoped to have been, […]

Late July 2015 news

Summer is well underway and it won’t stop raining. With luck it will have brightened up a bit by 8 August for the Long Tour of Bradwell. We’ve now got our stock of Runfurther Giraffe neckwear, so everyone who’s run 4 counters will get one at their next race – we’ll be bringing a supply […]

Clif Bar 10 Peaks Lakes 2015


The Race

This was my second time running in this race, and I recommended it to the rest of the committee for inclusion in the Championship this year. It didn’t disappoint – this was a tremendous event. The race results are up on the SI website here, and I’ve updated the Runfurther leaderboard. Runfurther committee […]

Three Rings of Shap 2015


This is a hard event to finish – no bones about it. Conditions on Saturday were just about ideal for runners: there was a bit of a haze all day to take the edge off the hot weather of the previous couple of days, and the predicted rain never happened. T-shorts and shorts until dusk, […]

Early June 2015 news

A few items of news to report, as I get ready to head up to Shap for Saturday’s Three Rings of Shap:

1. We’ve placed an order for snazzy Giraffe Headwear (we’re not allowed to call them buffs as that’s a registered name). Every runner who runs 4 counters this year will get one of […]

The Ox Ultra 2015 – updated

Ox 27 Miles.4

About 600 runners gathered at the weekend on the Rushmore Estate in the Wiltshire countryside for a series of four races. The location is in a huge estate park, with ideal camping fields, and the Saturday afternoon and evening were warm and sunny. If anything a bit too hot for running, but the forecast for […]

Apocalypse 100

This website isn’t my personal blog, but we’re always interested in ultras any member’s been running, and we’re happy to post any race reports. This one’s from me! It was written in a great hurry, so apologies for the typos. Nigel Aston’s written up his race too, and his has got some photos in it. […]