Sponsors for the 2014 Series:

Mid April 2014 News

I’ve now updated the Runfurther leaderboard with the Calderdale Hike results. I’ve gone back to something a bit more like the leaderboard used to look in 2012, with men & women ranked together in the list, rather than the women at the bottom below the men. Women’s scores are still based on the fastest woman [...]

Calderdale Hike 2014

CH stoodley2

Firstly, welcome on board to RaidLight, our newest sponsor for the 2014 series!

We had a great day on Saturday apart from the rain that hit us slower participants. The results aren’t up yet, so the leaderbard update will have to wait until next weekend, when I get back from the Lakes. Nick Ham has [...]

Early April News

I’m going to try to post a news item weekly from now on, so watch this space. If I lapse, complain about it. It’s the Calderdale Hike next Saturday, one of the Runfurther classics. It’s the same route as the past 2 years, so next year the route will change. For anyone new to this [...]

Hardmoors 55 2014

Hardmoors logo (round) 2013 - 55

The first Long race of the series was on Saturday, along the Cleveland Way across the North Yorks Moors. Conditions weren’t extreme this year – last year we had to cope with a lot of snow on the ground as well as biting winds. It was a lot pleasanter this year, reasonably dry underfoot. There [...]

Haworth Hobble 2014

Haworth Hobble logo cropped

The Hobble on Saturday was a bit windy & a bit cold, but that didn’t stop Kim Collison from winning in 4:04:31 – the fastest time since 2007, and 35 minutes faster than his time last year. A brilliant run, with Adam Perry just a couple of minutes behind him, & Ian Symington coming in [...]

Early March News

headersartwork 160sq

The Haworth Hobble is nearly upon us, & the Hardmoors 55 is the following week. We’ll be there so look out for us. We’ve busy getting sponsors lined up for the 2014 series, and as you’ll see from the logos on the website we’ve got 4 signed up so far:

Clif Bars are providing every [...]

Late Jan News

03_M1 Duncan Harris

The new Runfurther Ltd company is now set up. Next is to open a bank account, & then we’ll be out looking for sponsors for the 2014 series.

The meeting after the Hebden went very well, and we’ve now got our initial list of Runfurther members. If you’ve not yet joined, please do asap – [...]

Prizegiving Sponsors


Many thanks to Injinji, Ultimate Direction and Running Bear for stepping at such short notice to provide prizes for the January 18th prizegiving.


Open for Membership


Introduction and a message from Mark Hartell

We are now ready to start signing you up as the new owners of Runfurther. Anyone can join, but you have to complete some of the races before you get a vote: anyone finishing 2 or more events in the 2013 series is eligible to become a voting [...]

2014 Series Announced

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We are proud to announce the 12 races that will make up the 2014 Runfurther series. Or rather 13 this time, as you have a choice of distance for one of them. If you click on the “2014 Series” tab above it will take you to the list of races, or the drop-down list will [...]